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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Are You In The Middle Of Job Search?

Job search can become very hectic. It can be frustrating as you may not receive a great opportunity the minute you start your search. This is the reality of life. You will need to Market yourself so that the right people notice you. You need to be found on various Search Engines.  After you are found the person reading your Profile is to get value out of the Content so that they feel that you are the right candidate to be interviewed.

Here are couple of tips to keep you going:
  • First you need to set goals for yourself so that you get the feeling of accomplishment. This is important so that you do not feel frustrated. Set your goals like sending the email to a particular person in the company you aim to get yourself an interview and so on. Setting your goals will enable you to cross the bridge smoothly.
  • Next is that you will do a quick clean up of what you have got online. It is important that you are seen in the right light.
  • Have your achievements and recommendations in place and share the links in your Emails and Resumes. Maintain your Online Portfolio and remember to update it.
  • Network with right people. There is no harm in being transparent and letting the right people know you are looking around.
  • Join Online Communities and actively participate in discussion.
  • There is no harm in asking on why you are not suitable for a job post an interview has taken place.
  • While you search for your Job have a little hobby going on. Do not neglect your free time as this will cause you to worry. This will further lead you to get into a negative mindset. With the result you will be in a stress mode all the time.
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wondering Why You Are Not Able To Get Great Projects

You know you have all the talent it takes to be a good Freelance Professional. You have the skill and the experience. You have had great projects to show and you have good credibility. However you are still wondering as to why you are not able to get great projects on an ongoing basis. The reason is perhaps there are a couple of parameters that are not looked into.

Perhaps you need to consider these:

  • Firstly you need to keep in mind that your efforts are to be on an ongoing basis. This is irrespective if you have no Clients or have loads of work. 
  • Remember it takes time to procure new Clients.
  • Have a goal on weekly basis. This is critical. You will need to adhere to your weekly goals.
  • Have your Online identity in proper condition.
    • Check Google for instance and see what all is written about you and your work.
    • Check individual Social Media Searches and understand what is written about you and your work.
  • Once you have understood this see what your peers and competitors have done in a similar way.
  • Target your Clients appropriately. Join the right communities and forums online. Do a little checking on the profile of various members.
    • Provide valuable information on the forums that you join.
    • Do not start to advertise and propagate yourself and your work.
  • Make use of SEO and Keywords.
  • Make use of the Social Media Platform.
  • Remember to be authentic and ethical in your writings and online behavior.
  • Do not be anonymous.
  • Networking is extremely important.
  • Nurture your Clients

Monday, December 5, 2011

Why Should Your Business And Brand Blog

Blogging is a good way to express your ideas and make people know about you. You can get people to understand and interact with your thoughts. Blogging is also utilized by Business Houses and Brands as well. Blogging does bring value. You need to determine the value you want and Blog accordingly. While the common understanding is that if you Blog it makes it easier to be found - there is merit in this thinking. Blogging also enables several other benefits as well. Here are a couple of reasons for Business and Brands to Blog:
  • Naturally one of the reason is to be indexed onto Search Engines and get found. Thereby have traffic coming onto your Blog / Site / Social Media Page
  • A sense of belonging is what your Blogging can give you and your Team. Your people will feel good to have a regular write-up on your Blog. If you Post their matter then it is a great Human Resource effort. A Team spirit can be induced.  A sense of Pride also generates as your Blog gets popular and many people from outside of your Company interact.
  • Blogging creates an authentic perception for you, your Business and Brand. It makes people know about your knowledge span. It enables you to put things in a perspective. Many a times you may have an innovative idea or some thought that could work as a good disruption for discussion. This if put across clearly then you will see the magic of rewards coming your way.
  • Responsible Blogging which is consistent can get you a good level of people following you. They in turn could be your prospective Clients or could refer your contacts to other people.
  • Many a times a comment on your Blog could lead to great discussion involving other persons as well. It could be great beginning to your future lead generation. The comment can perhaps open up an idea for your next Post on your Blog.
Your turn - what is Blogging to you.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Writers Block - A 10 Minute Break Is Better Than Wasting 2 Hours

Writers block. This is what you will be facing many a times when you have to complete a write up. This is a very normal situation and recognizing this is your first step towards tackling your situation. 

You will face this when you are just about to tart to write. Once you manage to tackle this frame of mind you will then be proceeding quickly. The way to go about this is by understanding and accepting it rather than getting frustrated and panic about it. The pressure to complete and deliver work would be immense still you will need to have a little tolerance.

If you go back and think you will have faced this situation many a times. What you need to realize and be sure about is that this situation gets tackled and you will surely move on to write an amazing piece of copy.

Do not hesitate to move away from your computer. A 10 minute break will be better than you trying to figure out what to write for next two hours and wasting precious time. Avoid going in circles. Just cut out of it and do something else.

Walking away from your computer works very well for many people. This way your mind gets refreshed and you can re-look at what you need to do a little later.

When you come back you need to pen down whatever comes to your mind. Do not worry about the structure at initial stage itself.

Sometimes you may see that you were writing and then suddenly you have drawn a blank. Again just do what is shared above.

Your turn - did this work for you?

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Blog Post Quick Checklist

Before you publish your Blog Post and send it live for the online universe it would be great if you could do a quick check on what you want to share. Here is a checklist that you may want to save. Check your Post before you send them live. Here is your checklist:
  • Spellings and grammar. This is critical. See that your spellings are in tact. Check your grammar.
  • Check if your images are well placed. See that your matter does not look odd or congested. In order for your to be in good Search Engines Ranking it is advisable to have your image properly named. Not as image1, image2 and so on. Have the name as per the Keywords so that this adds to your SEO. 
  • HTML, MetaTags, Title, Headline and so on should be adhering to Keywords that you wish to rest your Post on. It is important that you research and do proper homework of the relevant keywords.
  • Links form an important method of relation well with the Search Engines. Try to have a Link with your past archive. Do not do this force-ably.
  • Category and Tags are critical. It is the categorization and tagging the enables the Search Engines to index your matter in the right manner. 
Your turn - Share your tips!

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Quick Tips For Your Online Resume

Here are a couple of tips to optimize your Resume in the Online world as Freelancer.
  • Firstly set up your Profile on the key Social Media Platforms properly.
  • Have Links on your Resume that point towards these Profiles.
  • Have Links pointing towards the actual work that you have done.
  • Use proper Keywords and make the best use of SEO
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Procuring More Projects Via Social Media

Social Media is one of the many ways in which you can procure more projects for yourself. Social Media is no more just an online space where people would come to check out once in a while. Today the Social Media Platforms have become part of person's lifestyle. Many people are online all time. Others have the craving and the need to keep checking their Social Media Page. People have formed Business Relationships via the various Social media Platforms. There are many Brands and Business that are connecting with their Customers via Social Media.

Are you not using this potential space in the best possible manner?

Here are a couple of parameters that you need to look at when you are on Social Media for Business:
  • As first step select the Social Media Platform that you find your Target Audience on. You will be able to find out the right Platform of Social Media by doing a little research. Ask your existing Clients where do they hang around and which Social Media Platform they feel has more reliable and authentic people. Additionally check out with your peers and go online and search as well. It is essential that you are on few Platforms and not on many. To spread out thinly is not recommended. The reason being is that you will need to be practically daily on your Social Media Page that you finally decide.
  • The next step is that you prepare your Profile. It is essential that you have a good profile. A profile that upfront informs on what services are offered along with other logistics is easy to understand and decide on. It is essential that you showcase your portfolio and work. In your Profile you need to specify for who you are working and would want to work. Identify your Target Audience so that people know exactly if they should approach you.
  • The use of Keywords needs to be done wisely. It is essential that you use the appropriate Keywords so that your Page gets visible on Search Engine in a relevant manner.
  • Daily work on your Page. Update your status. This should be Professional and not what you may share with your friends and relatives. You need to keep Client confidentiality however you can Post things that solve other person's problem, that is of interest and so on.
Will you be trying Social Media? Are you already on Social Media?

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Determine Your Life Goals

Success is a journey. It is not the destination. To achieve a good journey in life you need to have the understanding that there will be the good and the bad times together. This is a very natural process. In order to have a good life you need to build a discipline in your system. This is easier said than done. It takes time to build a disciplined lifestyle. Although it may be difficult it is not impossible.

discipline in your life is a good way to stay healthy and have a good balance.

  • Determine your goals. Have a vision. You need to be able to write your goals and visualize them.
  • List down the reasons as to why your goal is important. You need to have a rationale to it. List them down so that the reason and purpose of your goal is very clearly seen by you. 
  • Next step that you need to take is identify the likely hurdles that you would face. Describe them and understand them. When you know what you will face it will be slightly easier to handle stress.
  • Develop new behavior. Build a more positive outlook. When you know where you want to be and what you will face - you need to build yourself up to go through the journey.
  • Finally - stay focused.
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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Freelancer Take Care Of Your Health

Sitting in front of your Laptop / Computer can make you physically weak and painful. Unfortunately you can end up sitting badly, eating wrong things at the wrong time, not being bothered with your other responsibility and add to all this you could be just a fix asset like your chair and table.
This is found more with people who work from home and are Freelance workers.
Here is a quick checklist that will enable you to understand what you might be doing wrong. If you want you can share this Post so that people who you think need help can be taken care of:
  • Take rest. Being a hard worker is good. Doing work to meet your Client requests is very good. Delivering work on time with good quality and value added is extremely beneficial to your credentials and reputation. However along with all this you need to give your mind, body and soul some rest. This does not mean that you neglect your work. What perhaps you need to know is that sleeping at the right time and waking up at the right time gives your entire mind, body and soul a good rejuvenation. You will be able to sustain your working time for long duration. Also a little nap in the afternoon is great too. A 15 minutes nap is going to do amazing rejuvenation for you.
  • Eat healthy. Eating at odd times is not really a great behaviour. Not eating is also bad. You need to refill your body 3 times. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are essential. Watch for the type of food that you take. Avoid fatty and unnecessary eating.
  • Spend time in your hobby. Do not feel guilty that you are taking time off to work towards your hobby. A little time devoted towards your hobby also works great for your health. This also enable you to bring in new and fresh ideas for your work.
  • Exercising is good. You need to have a schedule where you pull yourself out of your work and do a little 30 minutes of exercising.
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Freelancer Skills

As a Freelance Writer there are a couple of skill and characteristics that you need to have. Even if you do not have them you can still develop them. 
It is not too difficult to acquire them. Once you know what they are it becomes a lot more easier to develop and manage them. Here are a couple of skill sets that you may need to nurture and enhance:
  • Firstly you are to have a strong command over the language you plan to write in.
  • You may not not get a complete brief from your Client each time. Hence you need to be able to know how and where to do your own research so that you can give value and insight to your writings.
  • Next is you should be able to communicate with clarity and logically. This clarity could be in your mind the task here is that your reader understands what you have written.
  • Procrastinating work is like a disease. See to it that you are not keeping things for later. You also need to work on your own for long periods of time. This means that you should be self motivated.
  • Be optimistic in times of no work or less work. 
  • Finally you need to keep a strong hold on your monies.
These are some quick tips. Share yours.
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Alternative Medicine - Aroma Therapy

The knowledge and information of Aroma Therapy has been handed down since over generations. It was the Egyptians who started the process of Aroma Therapy. It is said that the famous Cleopatra was very much into this regime. The plants and herbs used in Aroma Therapy have healing as well as embalming qualities. The theory and knowledge has well been in the Chinese, Mediterranean and the Indian system since many decades. Some of the recipes are so deeply ingrained in the system that it is passed from mother to daughter within the households.

Aroma Therapy is
the art and practice of using essential oils extracted from aromatic plants and herbs to restore or enhance health, beauty and well-being. There are three ways in which it is used:
  • Topical
  • Inhalation
  • Oral
Aroma Therapy is used for a number of health related issues. Right from stress relieving to migraine, lung issues like asthma, to joint pains and so on. It in no way replaces the Allopathic medicine emergencies however it can be used in your day to day routine. It can be used to purify air and household impurities as well. Aroma Therapy works wonderfully in restoring chi which is the harmony, balance and positivity. 

Aromatherapy has become the alternative medicine of choice as it has that calming effect on our bodies and mind which is much needed in the hectic lifestyles we follow these days. The advantages of aromatherapy lies in the fact that the oils and scents used are pure and natural, and so its results are longer lasting and less damaging to the body. Aromatherapy also gives a sense of well being and good health. The knowledge and use of Aromatherapy is an ideal skill to acquire these days as people are realizing that being close to nature is very satisfying. The use of Aromatherapy will ensure a healthy life for your family and dear ones.

Introducing Aromatic oils in your daily life is quite easy and simple and it has its unique advantages. The best part about it is that you can experience the advantages of aromatherapy while in the comfort of your house.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Art with Sunayna

Touching Lives is an NGO that works out of Mumbai, India. This is at Borivali in Mumbai, India to be exact. It teaches the kids of Indira Nagar about moral values and has facilities for parallel education. It believes in action rather than just words. Touching Lives was initiated in 2002. It believes that life is a journey and that nothing can be stated as right or wrong. It brings about an alternative path of living for those who are in need. Hence it is not on an aggressive path to eradicate anything. It believes in being practical and hence in co-existence. Its principal is simple, it preaches that each one can reach out to another and hence be of help.

Sunayna is a volunteer there since 2007. As she mentions
It breaks her heart to see 8th std kids not being able to understand or talk in English and still pass English medium in BMC schools. Her personal aim is to make them capable to reach and pass SSC. You could visit to know more about them. She teaches them art and maths. She has started an initiative called Art with Sunayna. In this she makes earrings, greeting cards, coasters, frames and other products from upcycled paper. 20% of what she earns goes to Every year, Art with Sunayna conducts diya sale to raise funds for the NGO - from here the complete profit goes to the NGO. The sale would be held from her home. You can contact her at:

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tablet, Notebook Or A Laptop?

In order to be productive you need to be armed with good hardware like mobile phone, USB drives, laptops, software and so on. These have become our productivity tools that actually enable an increase in capacity and thereby our performance. There are many people who feel lost when they forget to take with them these little tools.

Today you need to decide if you want to have a tablet or a laptop. You need to make decision between categories before you even start to zero down on a brand. Is your usage more towards you requiring a tablet, notebook or a laptop. Many people are overwhelmed and hence making a choice becomes increasingly difficult. Add to this there are lots of accessories that you require to enable your hardware to work on optimum efficient level.

It is best if you have a neutral site that enables you to make an informed decision without being blasted by sales messages. Here you not only will get to understand if you should have a tablet, notebook or a laptop but you will be able to compare the functionality and prices between various brands that are available in the market. A one stop shop for most of your personal digital requirement.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Though A Freelancer - Think You Are In A Company

Many people think that the Freelancer can work and deliver the job whenever you want. What they need to know is that if this is the case then the Clients will start to look for some other resource. Freelancing can leave you feeling stressed and dismayed many a times. If time and energy is not managed well then you as the Freelance person will soon be in a messy situation. Inspite of being your own boss you will be left with absolutely no time, Clients will be dissatisfied and complaining and you will loose out on your credibility.

Start with a little discipline. Having a good schedule will enable you to maintain a good and healthy working life:
  • Work when you are most likely to generate quick and good output. If you are the type who can generate quality work at midnight then do so. If you are type who is an early riser then do your work in the early mornings. Plan in the way that you are best able to work well. Having said that do not compromise on the delivery quality and delivery time.
  • When you work out of your home it does not mean that you will have your breakfast and bath later. What this means is that have a regular discipline. Do your exercises and other things just the way a regular working, employed person would do. Have food on time. Have your night sleep properly unless there is some rush job and crises of workload that needs to be tackled overnight.
  • Your work environment is critical. It is best to have a fixed work area. Everyone in the house should be aware of your area. It is important that you have your infrastructure well in place. This way you will know where to go to work, others will know not to mess up your work area, and you will be comfortable without being distracted.
  • In an corporate environment you will be recognized for good work. It is imperative that you enjoy and pat yourself on your back when you accomplish a good output. Spread the word maintaining ethics though.
  • Avoid burning yourself. This way you will only be doodling away instead of working. You will end up being in a continuous state of stress and hence will be very negative with other persons.
  • Make it clear to people at home and your near and dear ones that you are working from home. It is not less that any other type of working when you would have been employed. You work time is to be respected by yourself and other persons as well.
  • Just because you are working from home and you are your own boss it does not mean that you become a scattered brain. You need to have records of your conversations with Clients, maintain reporting system, have a status report going to your Clients and so on. Work and document the jobs as you would have done in a company. 
These are some of the pointers. Share your points as well.
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nurturing Your Clients

Acquiring new Clients is not an easy task for many Freelancers. After acquiring them it is not easy to nurture them. Nurturing existing Clients is very beneficial: at one hand you tend to retain them and the other hand they will recommend you. What is good is that they themselves will increase your scope of work and will give you more work.

Having a good professional relationship is one of the nest way to retain your existing Clients and get more business as well. In order to nurture them you need to keep in mind the below:
  • Do not be argumentative unnecessarily:Arguing will not get you anywhere. The sad part about arguments is that it gets into ego clashes.
  • Appreciate and accept people for who they are: People work towards their day to survival. Appreciating people is showing them that you recognize a certain attribute that is on them / within them. Appreciating does not mean flattery. Flattery gets you nowhere. A genuine good word will be remembered. You will be held in high esteem if you give genuine appreciation to people around you. Add to this it motivates them to work harder. 
  • Stop complaining: Hearing your complains is not what people want to do. If you do have a genuine complain then see to it that you share voice this along with a solution. There is no use just complaining.
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Friday, September 30, 2011

Health Is Wealth

Health is wealth. This is what we all health. Healthy living has become a way of life for many persons. The question how should you manage good health and what is healthy living. It is about having a system in your day to day life.

You need to take small steps at a time. Simply add an additional glass of water. Add fruits in your breakfast.
Have lots of vegetables in your lunch and dinner.

When in polluted spaces have handkerchief covering your nose. When working on computer see to it that you walk away from your computer atleast every one and half hour.

There is no need to do aggressive exercises unless if you are advised to do so. Doing movements should be enough to keep your mobility and health in good state. One extremely amazing activity that happens to many automatically is pacing while talking on cell phones. This is a great activity especially if you are getting lot of calls and your each call is more than two minutes. This would be a great activity.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Four Points To Build Relationship With Your Blog's Readers

Blogging is part of marketing yourself in the online world. While Blogging you need to keep in mind that you are writing so that other persons will read, react, share and so on. An action is what you are working towards. In order to have the desired action from your readers you will need to create a basic relationship and bonding with them.

A couple of points that may be of help to you are:
  • Have a good flow in your content. Go with the flow in a focused manner. Have a story and tell it in a way that the reader almost imagines it.
  • A very simple copy-writing technique is the 'you' language. Write like the way you talk [ofcourse in a more correct manner]. Talk to your reader.
  • Remember Blogging for drawing crowd means that you write for the people and not about yourself.
  • Blogging is great way to show how you are on a professional level, what you sand for and so on.
These are few points that will help you to bond with your reader.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Three Points To Remember While Networking

Working as Freelance Professional needs you to do constant marketing. There are two efforts you need to make: one is be in touch and retain your current Clients and the other is make new contacts, connections and thereby new Clients. This will take place in gradual manner over a period of time. Best is not to be in hurry. It would a little slow but be certain that this is definite progressive format.

Being a good Networker you may want to remember the below:
  • First thing first -  show genuine interest in people when you connect with them. Do not behave highhanded. Be really interested in what you may be discussing and sharing.
  • Remember before you start your Networking have a very focused idea in what you stand for. What are the services you will offer and what is your product all about.
  • Show knowledge about the industry you are working in. Share matter in a honest manner. Show the passion.
Any other Networking tips that you can share would be great.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Parameters To Remember While Working On Your Resumes

Resume writing is not a difficult task. However it needs time, energy and concentration. Additionally you need to be consistent in updating your resume. There could be new tasks that you would want to showcase and hence will need to update and make note of that onto your resume.

There are a couple of parameters to remember while working on your resumes:
  • Do not make the resume a long, boring, copy pasted job. Please ensure that you are talking and not really bragging. There are still a couple of industries that insist you have a certain set format to follow. However if your industry does not make such rules then go all out and experiment. Have a format that captivates your audience. Having said this do not come across as unprofessional either. Follow a format and have little deviations therein.
  • Your resume is not a space to list out all your hobbies or extra-curricular activities. Mention a little so that there is a mental picture of you however you need not mention too many of them.
  • Please be clear on your achievements. If you have achieved something then by all means mention this. If you are a part of a team that perhaps has achieved something then be clear mention that your team achieved.
  • A logical flow is essential. Your resume should not be written as if you are filling up a questionnaire. There needs to be a very logical flow to what you write.
  • As a professional you may be able to cater to multiple fields. However when you are writing the resume you need to keep in mind to let each field have a separate resume. It is essential that you address individual industries.
These are couple of parameters that you can keep in mind and benefit while you frame your resume.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Freelance Business Skills

As a Freelancer you need to have your goals clearly defined in your mind. You will need to take various decisions on and off where you will need to express your Business proposition. Here are a couple of skills that you may require so as to put your Business of Freelance work in good perspective:
  • You will need to understand your finances very clearly. You need to know what will go into taxes. You will need to know how much you are spending and then what is the gross profit and the net profit.
  • Have the ability to say no to projects that are not going to pay right and additionally drain you out.
  • Do not behave highhandedly. Try to really understand your Client's requirements and try to give a little more than what you promise / is expected. Do not gear up to your Client's requests when your money cycle is on the low.
  • Make yourself as a Brand. Do not behave robotic but at the same time have certain principals and stand for something specific. For instance if you are a writer you need to identify what will you write about, who will you write for and what is your time dedication, costs etc.
  • Be professional. Have your documentation in place, communicate with Clients and be able to explain what you are doing. Do not create situations where Clients have to chase you, remind you and ask you questions.
These are few of the pointers - do share your points as well.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

What Is Acupressure

Acupressure is an ancient science that has come down to us over centuries. It is the science of healing by applying pressure on significant points of your body. The pressure is given by your fingers. This way you stimulate your body's natural self-curative abilities. Acupressure is good for self treatment and relieving pain, stress and so on. Acupressure and Acupuncture are two separate methods though both would deal with pressure application on vital pressure points on your body.

Acupressure is based on proper pressure application. The way to apply proper pressure is:
  • Use finger pressure directly on the Acupressure points.
  • Have the pressure on for three minutes.
  • The pressure is to be gradual, steady and penetrating.
  • The pressure that you apply should be firm. It should not hurt badly. It should hurt good.
  • Do not continue to press if there is too much pain.
  • Since your middle finger would be the longest and strongest use this for Acupressure.
  • Avoid Acupressure on a full stomach. After meals please wait for an hour before doing Acupressure.
Acupressure should be done practically daily. You could be doing Acupressure to maintain health or to relieve yourself of pain, both ways you are to practice it on daily basis is good. After your pain goes it is advisable to continue the same pressure points for a couple of weeks to avoid recurrence.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Acupressure To Refresh Your Eyes

Your eyes are precious for you. They open up a whole new life in front of you. A little boost of energy into those eyes of yours will not only make you more refreshed but will also enable a good eye sight over the long period of time. One of the well known ways of boosting energy into your eyes is by way of Acupressure.

Acupressure is an ancient science that has come down through the ages. It is the method of putting pressure onto the critical points on your body that infuse energy and vitality onto your various organs and into your system.

How to pressure your points:
  • Use the tip of the middle finger or the knuckle of the same finger.
  • Pressure the points suggested. Not too hard not too less either.
  • Do not pierce or use anything else for the pressure.
What points to pressure for the eyes: There are four points:
  • The Acupressure point is situated at the side of your eyes. This is on the outer side which is near the temple of your head. It is midway between the outer end of your eyes and your temple.
  • The second Acupressure point is in the middle of your eyebrow bone. 
  • The third Acupressure point is on the sides of your nose the part which is near your inner side of your eyes.
  • The fourth Acupressure point is below your eyes in the center. This would be vertically below the same pressure point which is mentioned in the above second bullet point.
Hope this is helpful. Do this daily and hope you see the difference over a period time.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

How To Collect Email Ids

There are various reasons for you to Blog. Once such reason is to market your Freelance Services and to earn online. One of the ways to market yourself is by sending personalized emails to your Community. Emails are best accepted, received and acknowledged when the recipient themselves have no problem in receiving them. If your recipient has agreed to receive email from your end then you know that they could be your prospective Clients. For this purpose having an opt-in email system is critical.

An opt-in email service will enable you to send emails to people who are willing to receive information from your end via emails. In order to collect email ids below are couple of tips that could show you on how to collect email ids / addresses:
  • Have a Blog contest. While enrolling for your contest one of the criteria would be to share email address so that they can receive contest related notification, if any.
  • Ask and you shall get is not a wrong saying. Many a times by merely asking for email ids you could end up receiving lots of email addresses.
  • Go onto your Social Media platforms and ask there as well. Use your Social Media platform to enable and mobilize your email collection drive.
  • The most obvious and simple method is have an email submission plug-in.
These are couple of ideas to collect honestly and openly email address. When you will apply these ideas you would not be spamming as the person had willing submitted their email ides.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Earning From Your Blog

Blogging can be an amazing task that you can take up. Blogging enables you to gear up your writing skills for other kind of jobs where writing skills are required. Having a Blog enables you to earn in many ways.

Here are a couple of ways in which your Blog and your Blogging efforts can get you to earn:
  • The first obvious point is that you can put up ads on your Blog. This is a way to earn. Some advertisers pay on a per click basis others may look at monthly rent and so on.
  • Giving reviews of other sites and products is a way to earn as well. You can put up reviews as Posts on your Blog.
  • You can put up a donation button on your Blog wherein people pay if they like what they read.
  • Another way is to put up merchandise on your Blog. If people buy via your link then you get paid by way of commission.
  • If people really appreciate what you write then you could land yourself jobs / tasks / projects to write for other Blogs, online Sites, online News, etc.
  • Blogging can land you a consultant job as well in the area on which you are writing.
Blogging does open up lots of possibilities. 

So go on and write your Blog!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Tips On Networking For Job And Business

Social Networking is not easy for everyone. While there are people who find it easy and natural to connect with old and new friends / contacts, there are some who may find this process difficult and at times overwhelming. You know Networking is one of the ways in which you can receive job and business offers. If this is the way then why not imbibe some simple practices into your system so that the whole process is easy and not time consuming as well. Add to this, in times of crises Networking could be of help.

So why not have some regular activities involved and incorporated into your daily life:
  • Try to be helpful. If you see someone on your Network seeking some help why not try to respond and be of some use to the person. Many a times you may just need to connect two people which could be easily done over the internet itself. This creates goodwill for you and the two persons also would benefit.
  • Please do not broadcast sales messages. Instead broadcast information that will be helpful to your Network.
  • Treat people well. Have a cordial and respectful communication.
  • Listening is a very important portion of Networking.
  • Acknowledge people. If you have met someone do pass a message later [not too late] that it was nice to meet. If someone has achieved something then do pass a congratulations message.
  • Always have a Business card. A physical Business Card and an Online Business Card, both should be with you at all times.
  • When people offer you their Business Card please take it with respect. Preferably with both your hands and acknowledge it. It is not good to take it and put it away immediately.
Your turn -what are your tips?

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Work Tips For Freelancers

As a Freelance professional you may be in a hurry to work on the project. This definitely is a very positive aspect. As the Freelancer you are responsible for your Client's project. In order to maintain an easy flow of work and responsibility it is essential you have certain basic work systems in place.

Here are a couple of them:
  • Bring your Client up-to speed: Explain to your Client the details of the project. Share the knowledge. The more you share the more will the Client and you be on the same page of understanding on where the project is going and what the project requirements are. It is essential that your Client is involved in the project development process as well. Ofcourse do not burden the Client with details that may not be too much easy to understand.
  • Have an eye for detail: Have your process map properly mapped out on paper. It is best to have things in black and white so that you can share this with your Client as and when required.
  • Report: Reporting to Client on a daily basis is good. It keeps things in control.
  • Document: Documenting your project is essential. Documentation starts right from the time you start the project till the time you finish. Your scope of work is to be documented, your daily progress is to be documented. Incase there is no progress document the reason as well. Documentation should be intelligent and honest to maintain flow of knowledge and transparency.
  • Communicate with your Client on regular basis. This is essential. If there is an error taking place be open and share this information with your Client. It is not good when they discover. It is worse if you try to justify this wrongly.
  • Get a contract signed. This need not be elaborate. It is simple documentation on scope of work, process and costs with advance and so on.
  • Communicate in a professional manner.
  • Though you are a Freelance person do not work high highhandedly. Do not have week days as no work days.
There would be other tips that you may want to share.

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Branding Knowledge Is Important For A Writer

When you write for your Clients it is important that you understand the Brand for which you are writing. The size of the Business does not matter. Establishing a Brand is an ongoing process. It is to be followed and pursued at every stage. Infact before you key in your first write-up you need to be sure on what is the tone of voice that you are to use.

You will need to maintain your tone of voice at all times - when you are praised and when there are aggressive negative Comments. It is essential that the Brand Personality is maintained at all times. You need to understand that your Target Audience / Customer comes in contact with your Brand at many Touch Points like TV., Radio, Print Ads and so on.
The space where your writing will be released is one of the many Touch Points. Hence your writing is to be in-sync with the rest of the Brand Personality.

Your writing is one more extension of the Brand Personality.

A couple of parameters that you may want to consider while collaborating with your Client on the Brand Personality are:
  • Consider what your Client's Competitors are doing. Check this out. It is important that you are in the know of what your Competition is writing with regards to Content, Tone, Frequency and so on.
  • You need to be very clear on your Target Audience mindset. How do they relate to the space where your writing gets released, how do they regard the category in which your Client has their Business, how do they look at your Client's Brand and so on. 
  • Branding is about visual, audio and text. Hence get a good visual logo to your Brand as well as a great descriptor.
  • Consistency is the key to all Branding. If you are Consistent then people will relate to you as they start to get familiar.
  • Feedback monitoring is a must. If you can monitor the Comments and other types of Feedback then you will know where your Brand is and where should it go.
There is lots more to Branding, the above could be your initial quick pointers. Your turn how do you look at Branding?

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Payment Formats For Your Freelance Services

While working as Freelance writer there are various ways in which you could be paid. The formats of payment are:
  • Project Fees: This pertains to a particular project or task on hand. Here the Client and you are in agreement about the task on hand and the time period.
  • By The Hour: An hourly rate is usually agreed on when either party is not too certain on the amount / scope of work.
  • Per Word: This is a regular format. The number of words into the rate of one word is the total amount that you will be paid as Freelancer.
  • As Retainer: In this method you will need to draw out the scope of work. It is essential that you and your Client understands what is the time, energy, infrastructure etc that will be used. This will ensure that you both are in agreement and feel justified with the agreed costs.
  • Per Page: Here an amount is decided. What you need to be certain is that you and your Client should agree on what is the definition of a Page.
Your turn - which Payment method are you most comfortable with.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Ideas To Blog

Are you running out of Blogging ideas? Two things that drive your Blog to go ahead are:
  • Consistency
  • Content
Here are a couple of ideas that you can delve into so as to make your Blogging experience a little more interesting:
  • Podcasts: Sometimes it is easier to express with a voice and an audio than the written matter. Start your audio Blogging and Post a podcast.
  • Video: There is nothing more captivating than a visual. Videos are great to have on your Blogs. You could share from YouTube if there is something in context of the content you are looking to Blog.
  • Contests: These are great tools to get more crowds, to get more people, to get a viral effect and to get a feeling of 'look-forward'. When you do contests remember the legal side as well not all types of contests can get away without a little mess.
  • Quotes: Blogging with quotes are a great way to open conversations.
  • Links: Sharing links to other write-ups and content that may be of interest to your audience is another good way to share and involve people. The idea here is to provide valuable content - even if it is not on your Blog.
  • Guest Post: Having other people sharing their views and ideas is an interesting manner in which you can generate great content for your audience.
  • Lists: People love to have things drawn for them. So if you have lists it would be great. Lists could be anything - like for instance top 5 mistakes, or top 5 positive traits and so on.
  • How-Tos: This is an amazing content. Just a heading as simple as 'How to...' will draw attention. How to articles are always a welcome with many people. You have a great chance that other sites may take your link and share with their audience - whereby you get added traffic to your Blog as well.
  • Tip: A tip a day is a great idea. If it is difficult to have daily tips then have a weekly tip. People love to know great ideas and good points in a synopses and summary format. So go on and share tips.
  • Round - Up: It would be great if you could have a weekly or monthly round-up. Here you will have to aggregate the content that is already out.
Your turn - share your quick secrets that enable you in your Blogging endeavor.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Important Points For Sponsored Reviews

Earning from Blogs requires your time, energy and dedication. There are mainly two ways to earn from your Blog: one is that you could look at a residual income. The second way is to work towards an active income method. In this Post I will share a little on the second method. One of the main ways in which people do earn via their Blogs is through Sponsored Reviews Business. In this format you have lots of Companies / Brands / Businesses looking out for Freelancers like you to write a review on your Blog.

There are exclusive site that enable the Companies / Advertisers to meet Freelancers like yourself. What you need to do is register free of cost with these sites as Publisher and then look around on the sites for the Advertisers. Usually a bidding process takes place, and if the Advertiser is ok with your cost then you can go ahead with the job. The sites have in-depth steps on how you should go about the task. 

While this is a great way to earn - you need to remember that your Blog needs to meet the site's requirement. Here you have Advertisers who would be looking at procuring write-ups for their Brand / Business.

This method is advantageous for the Advertisers as well. They get a good spread of their message across the internet. This is part of their Marketing effort. It gets them more traffic.

A site that is preferred and has received many good reviews is Sponsored Reviews. You could start with this and see the results. It will be great if you could share your results and experience here.

If you wish to join Sponsored Reviews your Blog requires to be at a certain level:
  • The very first line of instructions states that if you do not match the requirements on the site then your account may stand a chance of being suspended. Hence before you submit your Blog to earn on this site do remember to meet the site's requirements.
  • You are to have atleast 10 non - paid - posts with 200 words of unique content.
  • Your Blog is to be minimum 3 months old. Do not submit if it is less than this.
  • Always remember to have majority of posts non paid.
  • Your Blog is to remain active all through out the time when you are looking for Business from this site.
  • In order to maintain your account you will require to keep yourself away from plagiarism, auto blogging / posting, having lots of people posting like a free for all community blogging and so on. There is a definite requirement to be authentic on what you write.
  • If your Blog is not having good traffic then there are huge chances of it being rejected. Good traffic means genuine traffic not paid.
  • When you price your Blog for the Advertisers remember to price in a reasonable way. An overpriced Blog may loose out.
This site has a good Customer Service persons who answer your queries quickly. So go on and try this:  Sponsored Reviews

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Pointers For Your Resume As A Freelance Blogger

One of the ways to market yourself as a Blogger is by building a robust resume. As a Freelance Blogger your resume needs to hold value. Your resume needs to have certain pointers so that your prospective Client can know you and understand your capabilities.
  • Firstly your resume is to be online. It is important that you maintain your profile online. This is obvious - you plan to be known as an online Blogger hence the first natural route is to be online.
  • Being a Blogger you will ensure that your writing and the work done by you for your Client is picked easily by search engines. Having said this you need to use the Keywords in a way and manner such that your resume itself is a proof of your capacity in using Keywords.
  • As a Blogger you know that Links play an important role in SEO. Your resume should have good and intelligent use of Links. Have active Links to your Blogs, Social Media Profiles, Work Examples and so on.
  • Have your work screen shots captured. Have your resume pointing towards them. Show how you tackled an issue. Showcase how your inputs created a great conversation and engagement.
  • If you have got recommendations and testimonials then do point your resume towards the same. LinkedIn is a great space for procuring recommendations. Share this link via your resume.
  • Brand awareness is another important criteria. When a Client empowers you to do Blogging for them - it is critical that you understand what is a Brand. You need to write within the preview of the Brand Personality so as to build the appropriate Brand Identity. Hence you need to share and demonstrate your understanding about this aspect in your resume itself.
These are basic tactics that one may miss out in daily life. Try these and share your experience.

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Your Resume Myths To Avoid

An unimpressive resume can create your future employees to overlook you. If you write or format your resume inappropriately then you have a big chance of loosing out. Your resume is the first step of your identity. Your resume is the first step to get your future employee's attention. You need to put your best foot ahead. Your resume is your introduction to the world.

You resume should be such that many department personnel understand, for instance the company's human resource people, the accounts department and ofcourse the department that you intent to apply for. It depends on the company.

Due to the various myths that you may have gathered over the years your resume could stand a chance to not get selected. Lets take a quick look at the myths:
  • Put any qualifications: Thinking that your lie will not be seen through is a wrong idea. People will sooner or later make out and this will have bad and negative reputation for yourself. Your bad reputation will flow through the Social Network as well. Whats more is that if you do get a job based on wrong information the pressure and stress will build up.
  • Generic information: Resumes usually have objectives section. Unfortunately many people seem to have similar objectives. If you take around 50 resumes [a natural number that employees could go through while recruiting] you will see that the objectives are very similar. Infact when interviews take place the person who has given the staple information has no drive nor does the person show any kind of passion / qualities that is pasted onto the objectives section in their resume. If you are going in for a copy paste job then best is to leave this section out totally. Similar section is hobbies, here we have reading, listening to music and so on. When in the interview you are asked what you are reading can you answer this?
  • Have a long resume: Having a long resume is another myth. The more you write the more impressive you end up being - is a very wrong idea. You need to have the attention of the reader. It is not the length of the resume that matters it is the content that is important. You need to have a flow that captures your audience. It is to be crisp.
  • One resume for may fields: Again it is not correct to have a single resume that you think will open up many different jobs. If you are looking for a sales job you cannot have a resume that is talking in general. You need to tweak your content so that you can cater to your job requisite in a better and more accurate manner. 
Unfortunately we do tend to go by wrong notions. This causes resumes to be almost deleted. Be careful. There would be more myths. Do review your resume.

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