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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Monday, March 21, 2011

If You Have A Blog - Go On And Earn! At Sponsored Reviews

Since quite sometime - infact almost over 5 years, bloggers have been able to generate income for themselves. Writers who understand a little of SEO can reach to a good level of income. Ofcourse one need not be a technological savvy person to a very large extent. 

In this post I will share a little understanding on a site called sponsoredreviews. This is a site that brings together the advertiser and the blogger. These are paid reviews. It is a form of advertising. The online sponsored reviews at times have two parties and many a times a three party involvement.
Here we have the brand / business people who would want to have their products, services and their sites reviewed.

What you need to do is simply enroll on this site. Get yourself a blog. Write good focused content. Your blog should be 3mths old with atleast 20 good content posts on the minimum side.

The content is to be well written and keep in mind the key word optimization strategy. However it should not look over-loaded 'made for search engine' type.

Your blog is to be focused. It cannot have a run of mill kind of topics. It needs to address people who visit there. You need to keep in mind why people visit your blog and why they would re-visit your blog again. This is very important.

When an advertiser purchases a review from you via the Sponsored Reviews site, you will have 7 days to complete the review and must disclose somewhere in your post / blog that it is a paid review. You will also be given a few minimum requirements, including some anchor text to use, a minimum word count, and a price range.

Once you've made your blog(s) available to potential advertisers, you will then be able to actually go out and look for reviews that you would like to do. When you are at the Sponsored Reviews site logged-in simply click on the 'Find Advertisers' tab along the menu at the top and start browsing their marketplace for advertisers that are offering / want their reviews. When trying to decide how much to bid for a job, you will want to provide a good value to the advertiser. In other words, advertisers get 100's of bids, so if you offer the maximum bid every time, they may not accept your offer unless you have an extremely high ranking and receive a lot of traffic.

Click the icon / banner on your the left hand column called: 'Sponsored Reviews'

Happy reviewing!

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