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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Taking And Taken For Granted Are The Misfortunes Of Relationship

Many people wonder what keeps two and more persons connected. Many a times people are connected and then they are disconnected from each other.

Look back at any of the contacts that you may have had in your life. This could be with friends, family co-workers and so on. What happened? What has kept you attached and connected to some while some others moved on.

Relationships, like any other task on hand requires time, energy and dedication. You do need to nurture and make it grow. This could be with your parents, this could be with your siblings, this could be with your peers, friends and so on.

Unfortunately you will have noticed that many a times you are taking things for granted from the other person, or perhaps the other party is taking things for granted from your end. Either way this is the first step towards deteriorating of relationship. When your boss does not respond properly you get put off. You infact may not know where you stand. This could lead to insecurity within you with respect to your job. When you may not answer your parents properly it could result in miscommunication.

Taking, and, taken, for granted are the misfortunes of the relationship.

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