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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Is Your Team Lacking The Drive?

Many a times you may face negative people at work. The situation at work can lead to pressure, stress and negative feelings. Either you would be contradicted even if your are correct or contradicted badly when you are not so right. Both ways it can lead to you feeling terrible and at loss for passion and the drive to continue the work.

It would be best in such atmosphere to have a little system built into your working life along with your team people.
  • Have a group goal and individual people goal as well. Both goals should compliment each other. Both should be realistic and agreed mutually.
  • Encourage transparency in the conversations. This goes during meetings and corridors catch ups as well. It is essential that all persons feel and think that they can rely on each other and that there is a team effort going on.
  • Keep everyone in the loop. Keep all concerned posted on the various things going on. Don't exclude people just because you may feel that at that time they are not required.
  • Any idea or concept should be fairly and respectfully addressed. Don't kill the idea even before it is understood and analyzed. Infact add to it, mold it and make it even better. When you do this again let it be an unanimous team effort.
  • Avoid superseding and incase if you are the big boss then discourage superseding.
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

As A Freelancer Don't Be Anonymous

As a Freelance professional you would often be looking around for work. There are two essentials that you would be consistent at: One is doing the task and going beyond your Client expectations. The other is consistently marketing yourself and your Freelance services.

Clients and Business Houses require that they have people whom they can rely on. They need people who will deliver what is agreed upon. Outsourcing a Freelancer is a business decision that they take. Having taken this decision, they would like to know and be sure as to with whom they are working with. For this you as a Freelance person need to build yourself a reputation. You need to be recognized. People do business with people. Not with a fictitious unidentified anonymous entity with no genuine character and no demonstration of responsibility

What is reputation:
Reputation essentially is the estimation and image that people hold you in. Usually reputation is built and ruined by your own doing / not doings. Normally people think that it is others who can make your reputation however while others will be the ones to verbalize and give it a form, it is essentially built on what you as a person and as a professional have done. The platform and the base is you, your attitude and behavior and what you give out as service / product.

Essential problem with Freelancers:
Go to any freelance job website. Search through the names of Freelance persons. What is it that you see. Mostly you will notice that people do not give out their true names. Neither their personal profile photo. Why would you hide? One of the main reason is because you could be employed elsewhere and you would not want your employer to find you out. Perhaps your doing freelance would be against the rules of the company that you would be employed in. These persons would be part time Freelancers. Lets leave this part aside. If you are a full time Freelance person
then there is no need to hide behind a fictitious identity. Would you invest in a person or company that had no name and no face to it? Specially in the online world?

Respect From Clients:
When you remain anonymous and if by chance you do manage to get yourself a Client how do you think will you be treated? Just a fictitious name and no identity makes them also not really know what to expect and how much to trust. They will be all the time down your neck checking on the work status. I definitely do not blame them for this behavior. They will outsource to you just hourly based short term project. 

Your reputation gets built by by what you do and what you do not do. Build a reputation for yourself. To do this you cannot afford to be anonymous. When you are anonymous you cannot build yourself as a Brand. You will not have character and people will not know you.
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How To Network So That You Get Freelance Work

After you have decided on what you want to do as a Freelancer you need to market yourself. For many Freelancers marketing is a tedious and an overwhelming task. It becomes even more difficult if by nature you are little inward and not too outgoing types. Don't worry here is a way out though. Follow the below easy steps and you should be on your way to a successful networking zone:

  • Family And Friends: We all have someone we know. We could know people due to long time school and college days. We could know people due to the jobs that we have done. We could be having near and far family members. There would be your neighbors as well. Thankfully these days with Social Media Networking we have people online as well. What's more if you are playing games on Facebook say for instance Mafia Wars and so on then you have strangers as friends as well. You could start here. Inform your friends and family on what you are into. Send them samples of what you do, these samples should be something that they can understand and be able to talk to others. Ask them if they or anyone they know need your services. There is nothing wrong in asking. Ask and you shall find. Keep sharing with them occasionally on what you do. Remember out of sight is out of mind. At the same time don't over communicate and make them burdened with your matter.
  • Join Forums And Social Sites: These days practically each industry and profession has its own forum, blogs, Social Media sites and so on. Join these. After joining these be active on them. Merely joining them does not have any merit. You need to do a couple of things online. First have your profile page properly filled with your real photo, details and experience. No doubt on the net there is no need to give your address as it is risky as well, however you can definitely give other details. You do need to come across as authentic. It is very critical to be seen as authentic. People want to do business with people not with robots or anonymous strangers. Remember you will be connecting with people who are going to put in their money. The moment you will create any sort of doubt you will loose your chance on the spot.
  • Build Yourself As A Brand: You need to have a space where you write explicitly about your talent and skill. You need to share on what you bring to the table. Ideally you should have a Blog. Blogging is an amazing way to be found online. There is no substitute to Blogging. Slowly develop your Brand. Talk and share your experience, solve problem, let people comment and then you respond. Read more on credibility here: How To Be Creditable As Online Freelance Person
So go on! Be open and network! All the best!

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Monday, April 25, 2011

How To Be Creditable As Online Freelance Person

You could be a freelance person who could be helping your Clients with various services like:
  • Article writing
  • Resume writing
  • Copy Writing
  • Blogging
  • Content writing
  • Designing marketing and advertising co-laterals like websites, brochures and so on
  • Technical help with application building, software and so on
  • And much other services
Working as a freelance person could be tedious. You may have already faced or you could be still facing people questioning you on your credibility. This takes place specially when you and your prospective Client meet online and both of you have not seen, met or heard of each other before. Naturally, if people are looking at employing your services then they do need to know if you are genuine. The reason being is that many people have faced severe stress with freelance persons. There have been instances where freelancers have behaved highhandedly and have not responded to Client requests. The perception has been built as freelancer being lethargic, have their own agenda, working on their own timing and so on. The perception is thankfully changing. 

Lets understand what is credibility: In simple terms credibility is being capable of being believed, believable. Worthy of being trusted, trustworthy. People have confidence in you. Thus they believe in what you share, mention claim and so on.

People look out for your online reputation. They search and read through about things that you may have posted and what others may have posted about you. The more easily your information is available, the transparent you are the better your credibility status goes. Apart from this what you need to keep in mind is the way you behave online. This is critical. What words you type, what you share are all part of making an image about you. For starters search your own name online say on and see where you stand.

For you to be recognized in good light you need to build credibility for yourself as first step. Before you start to build your credibility you need to be clear where are you building it. Since you are a freelance person who hopes to be found online you naturally need to build your credibility on the net.

There are a couple of steps shared below that could help you in developing online credibility for yourself. You need to keep in mind that this is an ongoing process.
  • Complete Profile: When you put up your services on sites where prospective employers meet freelance persons see to it that you have a complete profile. Put your real photo, real experience and real information. Complete the entire profile don't leave it half finished.
  • Respond: Internet is open to all 24hours all of 365days of the year. Ofcourse it is not feasible to be online through-out the time. However you need to know that your response time should be quick. You cannot ignore or postpone responding. You need to pre-decide on what kind of comments will you react to and which perhaps you may choose to let go. You need to have your framework in your mind. The reason being is that when there are some aggressive comments you cannot afford to re-act in an impulsive manner. You may hamper your online reputation greatly if you revert and react impulsively.
  • Genuine: This is one of the greatest fallacies taking place. Many a times you will come across people offering their service having no photos, no real name and so on. Am sure there are reasons to hide one's true self specially if you are employed and cannot work as freelance person. If you intend to make your freelance as your career and are hoping to get good opportunities then be open and genuine. People wish to do business with people not with fakes, not with pseudo names not with email ids that are '' type.
  • Recommendations: People who are recommended and recognized by peers, colleagues and clients always stand a better chance. If your work is good showcase it. Put it up. Give a link to people to view your work and read the recommendations.  
  • Share Your Knowledge: You know something in your field? You can solve problems related to your field? You got some experience / understanding / knowledge? Then go on put up a Blog. Write your content. Don't give up half way again this will not hold good in the long run. You can also set up your Business Page on Facebook. For Blog and Facebook think twice. If you cannot keep your Pages active and alive then don't start.
You will need to be consistent and update your information on an ongoing basis.

So, how have you built your credibility online? Share your inputs here.

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Getting A Freelance Writing Job

Getting a freelance job in the online world could be tough for many. There is no doubting your passion and skill set. The question is where to start. Online freelance writing could be great income source for newbies and for experienced professionals.

So where do you start?
  • Firstly be focused. You need to decide on what category you will write. Take things that interest you. Take things that you understand properly. 
  • Start writing don't wait for a professional opportunity. Make a blog on for instance and start to write. This can be clearly your portfolio.
  • The first obvious step is search from Get onto top ranking job sites so that your resume gets exposed to many companies.
  • Apply to membership and writing forums online. Here you get many persons in the forum who actually help, share links and so on.
  • Finally register on ezine sites so that your writing gets exposure and you can draw people to your blog as well. 

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How To Write Your Post

If you have to write a post how would you go about doing this? Would you plan a method, a format? Would you have a structure to your post? Am sure yes you would do all of this and below:

  • A title that is catchy and SEO: You would write creatively ofcourse, but at the same time you would focus and build on the SEO base as well. The most important and crucial part is the article title. It can create, make and break.
  • Next is to keep in mind that posts are to be short, straight forward and to the point. It should deliver the message immediately.
  • Focus: This is something that if missed out then you bear the definite chance of loosing out on your target audience.
  • Your whole post is to have a beginning, middle and an end. The end is to be conclusive. Your beginning should be introductory teaser. The middle, or what is normally called the body, should contain the meat of the article
  • Have matter that you can yourself relate to with ease. Write what you are interested in. When you write remember your target audience as well.
Your turn. How do you write your posts?

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Requesting For Quotes And Proposals - It Is Urgent

In business most of the time your life depends on quotes and proposals being sanctioned and approved. Hence this becomes almost a pre-dominant criteria. The moment you are advised to submit a quote you are all too happy and you start to become positive / optimistic and hope that your proposal gets though. I would agree with this - why not, after all your bottom line needs to move upwards and for this you need business and hence quotes and proposals take us there.

Now lets take a look at the other party who wants the quotes and proposals - all too urgently. The scene looks like this - that their company may just about close if you do not revert quickly. What have you experienced? Many a times they are all too keen and infact very keen for your quote and proposal. They have given you the brief in the best possible manner that they think they could and now you are to make your way, understand it and give a solution. Your quote is to be competitive in price, great in thought and quality.

So you go all out send off the quote and then are waiting for the answer. The answer. Where is the answer. Somehow the quote is too high. Sometimes they are busy and hence could not go through the once super urgent requested quote. And then your process of calls start. The super urgent quote is now on an executive's table who has no time to look at it.

What do you do? Well screaming may make them go away. So you hold your anger and make repeated gentle reminders. And, you continue these, till perhaps your once very keen client finally says that we need to stop. Or your very optimistic hopeful self tells you to move on.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Myths On Earning Money Online

When one comes on board with the internet to earn and and have a business one is drawn and attracted to various sites. There are millions of sites by now claiming the get rich and make over-nite money schemes. What's more they even show you the proof of the monies received. Am sure all are doing this in the pious hope that they personally benefit and earn. Most probably they may be. However what takes place is the person joining them does not really benefit each time. This is the reason why online get rich, earn money, make your computer into an ATM [anytime money] and such claims go down the drain.

This post is specifically written to share and open the minds of the people. This is an endeavor towards making one recognize on what to look into. Ofcourse it is not that the internet is only laden with wolves, there ofcourse are earning methods, however it is best to keep oneself open and aware that huge tall claims could be misleading.

Below are some of the myths and misconceptions that one may have while starting off with the internet. I would say that below are traps that you need to keep yourself aware of:

  • Build it and sit back: This is the premise and the promise on which most of the scams work out. You will have heard of claims such as 'sit back and earn huge passive income all your life.' Internet perhaps is one of the most changing and dynamic situation. Change is constant here. Building a Page or a website and then if we think that for the next decade we have to do nothing about it is a very wrong thinking process. You do need to maintain it, refresh it and feed in fresh content each time.
  • Give something for free and they will flock to you: Yes this is based on the universal truth that freebies and discounts do work. This is true in the brick and mortar life as well. But how many sellers / retailers have you seen having the same discount over and over. Usually there is time line. They even change the wording over time. Similarly on the internet as well you have to keep refreshing and have time line to things. Which means that your setting up a one time freebie will not be enough to at one level to drive people to you and secondly have them re-visit you. Yes don't forget people need to re-visit your page or website. For them to come and see new things requires you to update your page and web site with new things.
  • Make money almost over-nite: This is an amazing claim that goes round the net. Infact it is going on since years and yes since over years people do get caught and enticed into this claim. You will get testimonials also on these kind of site as to how people have become extremely rich. Internet is like business and having said this all businesses need time energy and dedication.
  • Send emails and this is all you are to do: This is the next claim that does its rounds. Please realize that people can flag and put you into spam. You will loose credibility.
  • Join affiliate programmes and see your cash register ring: Well just joining will not make your bank account burst with money. There is definite hard work here. You cannot think that you can sit back and relax and your MLM [multi level marketing] will just build up. It does not happen. You need to be a leader and a mover here. Getting people to join you and making them work on it is a team and leadership task. Be careful. Do you have the long sustaining drive to take this ahead?
  • Purchase business opportunity: Here is a little claim that tries to make things look a little sensible. However like in the physical world merely buying businesses is not the final work. You need to be able to actually understand the logistics and make it work. When you surf the net, you will notice that business opportunities are just about everywhere from getting paid to surf, buying reports with reseller rights to MLM opportunities. Some will be downright scams, while other programs are not worth spending a minute of your time. You should not be surprised to find out that thousands of others are selling the same exact product; others even with the same exact Web page as yours, similar in style, design and claim and so on.

Be extremely wary of business opportunities on the Internet, and make sure you do a careful cost-benefit analysis before paying for anything. Infact the rule of the thumb should be: Don't invest first. If a site is asking for investing money then think twice!

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Clearing Clutter And Plants For Better Energy

Static energy in any situation is not good. Accumulation of too much energy which is not flowing creates negativity. Staying in one place is not good for money growth either. If you will have free flowing positive energy then your health will also improve. In short an over all improvement takes place. Growth is essential. Symbols of growth are also essential to be around.

What you need to do is make sure things are progressive around you. Things are growing. For instance have plants around. However take care of them. Just having stagnated plants will not make growth take place. Clean and take care of your plants. Keep them in the money corner of your room. Dried and dead leaves need to be cleaned out.

If there is clutter in any corner of your home or office clear it. If your desk is too full then re-arrange the things. Take time do this slowly but see to it that there is no clutter. A messy atmosphere has two consequences. One it creates a negative energy and secondly it does not allow the other free flowing energy to move around.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What Makes Your Writing Get Selected?

In the competitive world of freelancing you will have come across rejection many a times. This takes place everywhere. This takes place in the corporate world as well. From the many facets of our lives one space where you do have control is the material that you produce. For instance if you are a writer then your writing is what you can control.

You need to submit flawless, polished documents. There is no getting away from this. And, there is no second chance as well. Your writing creates impression about you and this is the first and last time - no second chances. However writing jobs are time bound. They cannot be kept forever. Your Client wants something and yes you do need to provide this on early basis. This creates a lot of demand on your time which could lead to typos and typical errors.

The solution? Create a regime, have a revision system and stick to it.
Here are simple tips to enable you to write a little better:
  • Start ahead and beforehand. The secret to consistently catching your mistakes is to know exactly what those mistakes are. You know where you slack normally. Keep that in mind and attend to this.
  • Today with technology you can run a quick spelling and grammar checks.
  • Many a times moving away from your desk works. Ofcourse I am not saying keep loitering around and do nothing. But here is the secret - think more rather than penning more. Plan well. Understand the focus of your writing and then pen it.
  • Reading aloud works a lot. Yes, you will concentrate and actually be able to check on simple mistakes of grammar and spelling. What's more when you read aloud you end up knowing if your writing is making sense and delivering the correct appropriate information.
Your turn - what is your secrete to good writing?

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

What Is Feng Shui

You will have heard about Feng Shui. Many a times you may have thought if Feng Shui actually works. Well, simply put it is matter of belief in science. Feng Shui has two aspects to it. One: It no doubt is a skill that one could develop so that one can advice properly and self practice as well. Second part is that Feng Shui is science. You need to understand the age long held knowledge of science so that you can then develop the skill set to implement.

Feng Shui essentially deals with spaces and people. In Feng Shui you deal with
'using' and 'utilizing' spaces with and in relation to people. In practical terms it is got to do with which object you place where.

Add to this you need to remember that 'time' is the crucial factor overlaying this. This means that it is placing of right object at the right place at the right time in relation with the people therein.

Now lets try to understand as to how does Feng Shui work. What you will read below is scientific explanation of Feng Shui working:

Right from the time we are born we are surrounded by magnetic energies. Here is where everything starts to work. Magnetic forces pulling or pushing in various directions. These could be harmonious or non-harmonious. These magnetic fields get affected due to various other magnetic fields around us. The emission of various other magnetic fields come from objects around us and people around us.

If you are in correct alignment of magnetic energies then the magnetic fields will be in harmony with you. Thus, your thoughts, your ideas and your impulses will be much stronger. Thereby your body heals quicker and your thoughts get sharper. Thus you start to exude magnetism. Exuding magnetism makes people at your office, your work place and in your personal life start to like you.

Similarly if your magnetic field is not in harmony with your body then a pushing effect takes place. Thus you start to push away others magnetic field. Thereby a counter effect could take place wherein you could push people off.

Changes are taking place around you. The magnetic fields are not stable. They are dynamic. The changes that take place are subtle and slow, you cannot see it. Change takes place over time. Your magnetic energy field changes and so does of other persons and objects. While the change is slow and almost unnoticeable the influence is felt and grows.

This is where Feng Shui can be helpful. Feng Shui is a correction and enhancement method.

Just the way gravity works all the time Feng Shui is also working all the time. We do not need to jump down a cliff to experience gravity. Similarly you need not practice Feng Shui - it continues to work around us. The magnetic forces are our very existence.

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