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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Is Your Team Lacking The Drive?

Many a times you may face negative people at work. The situation at work can lead to pressure, stress and negative feelings. Either you would be contradicted even if your are correct or contradicted badly when you are not so right. Both ways it can lead to you feeling terrible and at loss for passion and the drive to continue the work.

It would be best in such atmosphere to have a little system built into your working life along with your team people.
  • Have a group goal and individual people goal as well. Both goals should compliment each other. Both should be realistic and agreed mutually.
  • Encourage transparency in the conversations. This goes during meetings and corridors catch ups as well. It is essential that all persons feel and think that they can rely on each other and that there is a team effort going on.
  • Keep everyone in the loop. Keep all concerned posted on the various things going on. Don't exclude people just because you may feel that at that time they are not required.
  • Any idea or concept should be fairly and respectfully addressed. Don't kill the idea even before it is understood and analyzed. Infact add to it, mold it and make it even better. When you do this again let it be an unanimous team effort.
  • Avoid superseding and incase if you are the big boss then discourage superseding.
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