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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Myths On Earning Money Online

When one comes on board with the internet to earn and and have a business one is drawn and attracted to various sites. There are millions of sites by now claiming the get rich and make over-nite money schemes. What's more they even show you the proof of the monies received. Am sure all are doing this in the pious hope that they personally benefit and earn. Most probably they may be. However what takes place is the person joining them does not really benefit each time. This is the reason why online get rich, earn money, make your computer into an ATM [anytime money] and such claims go down the drain.

This post is specifically written to share and open the minds of the people. This is an endeavor towards making one recognize on what to look into. Ofcourse it is not that the internet is only laden with wolves, there ofcourse are earning methods, however it is best to keep oneself open and aware that huge tall claims could be misleading.

Below are some of the myths and misconceptions that one may have while starting off with the internet. I would say that below are traps that you need to keep yourself aware of:

  • Build it and sit back: This is the premise and the promise on which most of the scams work out. You will have heard of claims such as 'sit back and earn huge passive income all your life.' Internet perhaps is one of the most changing and dynamic situation. Change is constant here. Building a Page or a website and then if we think that for the next decade we have to do nothing about it is a very wrong thinking process. You do need to maintain it, refresh it and feed in fresh content each time.
  • Give something for free and they will flock to you: Yes this is based on the universal truth that freebies and discounts do work. This is true in the brick and mortar life as well. But how many sellers / retailers have you seen having the same discount over and over. Usually there is time line. They even change the wording over time. Similarly on the internet as well you have to keep refreshing and have time line to things. Which means that your setting up a one time freebie will not be enough to at one level to drive people to you and secondly have them re-visit you. Yes don't forget people need to re-visit your page or website. For them to come and see new things requires you to update your page and web site with new things.
  • Make money almost over-nite: This is an amazing claim that goes round the net. Infact it is going on since years and yes since over years people do get caught and enticed into this claim. You will get testimonials also on these kind of site as to how people have become extremely rich. Internet is like business and having said this all businesses need time energy and dedication.
  • Send emails and this is all you are to do: This is the next claim that does its rounds. Please realize that people can flag and put you into spam. You will loose credibility.
  • Join affiliate programmes and see your cash register ring: Well just joining will not make your bank account burst with money. There is definite hard work here. You cannot think that you can sit back and relax and your MLM [multi level marketing] will just build up. It does not happen. You need to be a leader and a mover here. Getting people to join you and making them work on it is a team and leadership task. Be careful. Do you have the long sustaining drive to take this ahead?
  • Purchase business opportunity: Here is a little claim that tries to make things look a little sensible. However like in the physical world merely buying businesses is not the final work. You need to be able to actually understand the logistics and make it work. When you surf the net, you will notice that business opportunities are just about everywhere from getting paid to surf, buying reports with reseller rights to MLM opportunities. Some will be downright scams, while other programs are not worth spending a minute of your time. You should not be surprised to find out that thousands of others are selling the same exact product; others even with the same exact Web page as yours, similar in style, design and claim and so on.

Be extremely wary of business opportunities on the Internet, and make sure you do a careful cost-benefit analysis before paying for anything. Infact the rule of the thumb should be: Don't invest first. If a site is asking for investing money then think twice!

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