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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Monday, May 30, 2011

Earn From Freelancer Site

The online space has lots of myths with regards to earning opportunities. When you start off as a self earner on the net you could many a times be overwhelmed with what you come across. You will soon start to realize that there are couple of ways in which you can get occupied and start to see a little income opportunity. You need to be careful with what you come across as there are genuine spaces and scams as well.

No doubt, there are few definite jobs that you could do from your own set-up at home. As first step you need to figure out what are the services / products that you can provide. What tasks can you do. This you need determine first. For instance what you can do is:
  • Create websites
  • Work on IT and software requirements for various business
  • Writing content for the websites
  • Copy-writing
  • Blogging
  • Designing
  • Data entry
  • Research
  • MLM
  • Accounting
  • Sales
  • And so on
Working as an online freelance person could be a little overwhelming. You need to market and push yourself. You need to keep searching for opportunities in the online space. Suppose you have a space where you can regularly visit and be sure that there could be someone awaiting for your freelance services? Yes this is feasible. There are genuine sites. One such site for freelance persons to have a market space for themselves is here: Check out the market space!

This is the space where people who want some online service / product put up their requirement and freelance persons can bid for the same. Go on check it out
Check out the market space!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Negative Use Of Mirrors In Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the science of energy. It is got to do with creating a positive energy for one's self and others around you. Feng Shui deals with spaces, objects and people in relation to time. To know about the what is Feng Shui you can have a quick read here: What Is Feng Shui.

In this post lets take a look at one of the main cures in Feng Shui - mirrors. As they say mirrors are like
Aspirin in Feng Shui. They work as quick cures for something that may not be functioning well for you. Placing mirrors in proper direction can change energy flows, whereby positivity can be generated.

According to Feng Shui, mirror facing the main door is not good. This placement could create turbulence. The energy that should ideally flow into the house via the main door gets pushed away.

Mirror facing the bed is also not good as the energy flow in sleep does not get good space to move and freely flow.

Having too many mirrors causes the turbulence as well as there could be too much of unwanted energy flowing in all directions.

Mirrors are the objects that one needs to carefully place.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Social Media Community Manager Required PrOm

Send CV mentioning the exact heading as Subject Line [Copy Paste the whole heading]
Send CV to
Share this with people who may be the right candidates

Looking for a Community Manager who can create, nurture, energize and monitor conversations and enhance relationships. The users are of India's pioneering 3D Virtual World - Website. [Names are withheld]

Job Description: Community Manager

Location          :           Mumbai

Salary              :           Open

You will be responsible for conceptualizing, implementing and maintaining a healthy and engaged community. Tuning the community to share ideas, sentiments and feedback with regards to the site property and its experience.

Qualifications and Experience:
Has received a bachelors degree in advertising, marketing, or communications. 
Excels at research, and possesses excellent networking skills. 
Has 5-7 years of related, applicable work experience with a leading online portal 
Understands social media platforms, both personally and on behalf of clients or organizations 
Understands the power of viral marketing and how this takes place
Understands complexities and opportunities in user generated content 
Has excellent verbal and written communication skills and an ability to work individually on a project or in a team environment 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Interact with the clients to understand how community development aligns with client brand and business objectives 
Create, build and maintain a robust and engaged interactive community
Work closely and integrate plans with other members of the team 
Schedule and organize a community development plan and execute it

Create and update weekly and monthly MIS reports:
Recommend steps to improve content, usability and other aspects that may have an impact on community development efforts. 

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The Fun In Having Your Own Business Set-Up!

When you are at work you need to toe the corporate line. There is always attendance adherence and you can step out only when it is allowed. There is someone getting you stressed out and there is someone being political. Having said this ofcourse you will find / already found a corporate that makes you feel good and motivated. It is always good to be employed in your initial years of working life. You get to understand system and ethics. You understand that there is no running away from hard work and good output. You get to have a firsthand experience on how to present and be formal in a corporate environment. There is no substitute for this experience. 

As time goes by and when you are confident that you have spent good number of years in the corporate scenario you can then do a reality check: Are you all set to start something on your own? Do you have the required skill sets and the knowledge?

Being on your own has its advantages. There are no doubt myths as well about the advantages. For instance the greatest myth is 'time for other things'. Well this is not true in reality. Reason being is that whatever extra time you get you will try to market your business. You try to network and start to look around for clients. Marketing becomes an essential factor. Add to this if you do have clients then you are loaded with the work as well. So, there will not seem to be any extra time. Having said this ofcourse you can choose to squeeze in something else that you may have always wanted to do. The good part is there is no one breathing over your neck to see what you are doing when.

The other advantage is that you can say a no! Well, if you are in a corporate world and specially into sales or marketing, dare you say a no to client. This goes for client servicing and customer care personnel as well. Imagine saying a no to a prospective / ongoing client just because the deadline given is too short or the monies are cut or the language used by the client is not to your acceptance level. In the corporate world there have being instances where the client gets sacked - this ofcourse is a rare and a boardroom decision. What happens when you are on your own? You can choose to say no to the client. It is your own business decision. Remember rejecting too much could be bad for your business health though.

You can choose to price your product / service. Having said this naturally you need to adhere to the industry standards and see at what level you are in your category and what is the kind of quality you are giving. However you can choose to negotiate to whatever extent you want, hopefully in an ethical manner.

When there is no one breathing down your neck and when you are not caught up in office politics wondering if your next promotion will take place or not - you can concentrate on your task at hand. You are a lot more tension free and will be able to look at quality work.

There is always advantage and disadvantage to anything. Well it is now your turn. What makes you think are the advantages of having your own business?

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Monday, May 16, 2011

How To Be A Freelance Writer On Wikipedia

Writing for your clients on Wikipedia is a very niche project. As a Freelance writer if you are keen to write on Wikipedia and are wondering on how to go about doing this then read on.

Wikipedia is also called as Wiki. This is the online encyclopedia that you will find in multiple languages. You will notice that Wiki has academic as well as non-academic information. You yourself would have visited Wiki while doing a quick online research.

There are some basic things that you need to know before you start your Wiki page:
  • First and foremost understand very clearly on what you are to write. It is important that you write with a focused thought process.
  • Once you have decided to write search on the Wiki if anyone else has written similar subject. If yes then decide if you should write on that page itself or create a new page. If incase there are no results on your Wiki search with regards to your topic then you do need to check if you should write the new topic. There are lots of people writing daily on Wiki; you need to figure out why your topic is not as yet attempted.
  • Once you know that you do need to write then post your write up. Before submitting it and making it go live see to it that you have read it and that it does make sense to you and your reader.
  • Writers who are very consistent on Wiki communicate with each other via the Wiki Talk page. They discuss on plagiarism and so on. Be very careful when you write on Wiki.
  • Anyone can edit, delete and flag you and your client. Hence it is best that you share the sources of your information and write a very good quality of post.
  • Be authentic. Register on Wiki and then start to write.
  • Read these two posts before starting out on Wiki:
Once you understand the above then go ahead and be a Wiki writer!

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tackling A Worried Mind

Worrying is part of your brain and to resist or overcome it is a difficult task. To stop worrying suddenly is strenuous because in your mind the worry makes sense and hence to move on is difficult. Trying to relieve yourself from worry is not easy. To the mind worry makes sense as you will have thought of some risk. Sometimes you are correct in thinking about the risk and sometimes it is just the mind that thinks more than what reality would make you encounter.

Worry could be a very dominant aspect in some people. It could be so strong that people cannot overcome it. While some experience worry in manner that they have high anxiety levels which they cannot control. Worry is manifested in many ways. It could be towards a daily activity for instance after leaving home one wonders if the geyser was switched off. When a person is too much of a worrisome mindset they automatically seek worry. This, the person does not realize.

In order to tackle worry you need your mind to be prepared for the same. Naturally you do not know when you will encounter a situation that could cause you to worry. The suggestion here is to keep your mind trained so that if at all in the future you do worry your mind automatically gets re-focused. Training your mind cannot happen in the mist of worry hence you need to have a system built mentally before-hand.

Below could be a couple of realizations and activities that you could do to train your mind to reduce your worry zone:
  • When you start to worry ask yourself - does it help to struggle in the soup of worry? Do you think properly. If things are to happen they will take place irrespective if you worry or not. Perhaps a concrete action from your end could tackle the situation rather than mentally just worrying about it.
  • Take action. Be action oriented. If there is something that is the cause of worry push your mind to think on how best you can solve it. Be result oriented. Many a times you will see a way out. Ofcourse there would be situations where you seem to be helpless, under this circumstances start looking at acceptance.
  • Worry would cause tension amongst persons around you - irrespective of the fact that other persons are involved or not involved in that particular situation.
  • Worry causes interpersonal problems. When you are worried you cannot appreciate people around you. You will carry the baggage of worry wherever you go. Incase you cannot have an outlet for your worry then what you start to do is become angry with people who you feel you can get away with. This way your temperament also starts to get unstable. Overall you become a difficult person to live and be around with.
  • Long tenures of worry causes health problems.
  • To not worry is good psychological and mental health. You need not feel guilty to not worry or you need not feel obliged to worry.
  • Unfortunately worry is sometimes in the family. As a child if you have noted that in any situation people at home start to worry you grow up being the same, the reason being that your mind has not opened to the fact that there is situation solving behavior that you should look at.
This is not the same as trying to tell yourself to calm down. If there is a situation then do not avoid it. To not worry and look at the situation in the eye and tackle it is what is meant by not to worry. Avoidance is not the way. To worry and not to worry is a choice. This you need to realize. This you need to engrave into your mind when your mind is relatively calmer.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Earn From Online Surveys

In the world of online earning, attempting to work on Surveys is a good way to earn. Your earnings will not be too high though. However if you are looking at Surveys as an add-on to what you are currently doing then it is no doubt a good way for a few extra cash.

What you require to do:
You will require to register with online Survey sites. When you will register you will be asked a couple of questions. These will be inquiring about your interests, what industries interest you, what products you normally use and so on. Based on what you answer you will receive the Surveys accordingly. Many people opt for more interests and industries thinking that they will receive more Surveys and hence will earn more. Avoid this temptation and trap. The reason being is that usually people / technology which analyze the results have a way to detect incorrect, incoherent answers. These are removed. If the customer / website detects this they may ban you. 

Filling Surveys may sound easy and no doubt it is easy. Having said this, do not take it lightly. You need to understand that the company that you are doing the Survey for will be dependent on you. You will be contributing towards their marketing and product development and so on.

Handle answering the Survey with care.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

If you may have wondered as a freelance self employed professional on how to go about with affiliate marketing, then this post is for you. If you do a quick search on the net you will find a plethora of affiliate marketing avenues. There are lots of scams going on. Though some search results would lead you to genuine sites where you could earn.

As an Affiliate the rewards that you could earn are:
  • Variable price: This would be based on percentage of sales done.
  • Faxed price: If you sell a particular amount worth of goods then you get an x amount. The fixed price could also be that if you manage to bring a particular quantity of traffic your employer's site then you receive an x amount.
  •  Other rewards: You could be given discounts, gifts or sweepstakes.
Either there would a combination of the above or individual basis. This is pre-decided and you would know of the same beforehand. Read very carefully what is mentioned and if it suits you then go in for the same.

What exactly is Affiliate marketing?:
This is a practice in which you get rewarded by the company or business house for your achievement of the pre-decided goals. You as their down-line will be called as an Affiliate. Affiliate marketing has been in existence since over a decade. It initially started offline. With the advent of internet the same Affiliate marketing is practiced online. In an Affiliate marketing scenario the topmost party is the company or the business house. They plan as to what reward structure will be extended to their Affiliates. The down-line such as you could be made of either multiple people or it could be a flat system. In
multiple level, the system could be made of people where each person who is the down-line could on their own recruit other people who then become that person's down-line. This is also known as chain marketing or multilevel marketing [MLM].

What is next after you join an Affiliate?
After you are recruited you need to start promoting your Affiliate link. This could be done by placing an Affiliate banner onto your blog or site. You need to write articles and point people towards your link. You would want to write a post on your blog. A typical way which should not be done daily is to comment and share knowledge in forums and as comments onto other blogs. Please do not start spamming. You may tun people against you and there could be negative image of yours getting formed on the internet. This is a good read:  How To Earn From Your Blog

Some affiliates that pay are: Sponsored reviews and Check out the market space!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sustaining Your Blogging Audience

When you think of writing what is it that you can best write about? Well try to answer this and you will know what am talking about. As bloggers many a times we face the mental block. The typically known as the writer's block. In order to keep your blogging going you need to select subjects and information that interest you. However it cannot be that you turn it into rantings and don't give meaning to what you are saying. The reason being is that when you just write for yourself you will end up getting no one to read your writing.

So, while you do pick the topics that interest you - you need to keep in mind the reader, your target audience and write in a the way and manner that interest them. You need to be relevant to them and enable them to see a meaning and reason to at one level read what you have written and at another level to re-visit you.

Yes the second part is crucial. Why should your reader come back again? If your writing has triggered an emotional connect with them then best rest assured they will come back to you.

For this to take place you need to start to identify and understand who is your target audience. What is it that they seek. What is relevant to them in their lifestyle and so on.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Earn By Being An Article Writer

Online Article writing is one of the most sought after feature for many business houses. Article writing requires that you follow a formal structure. When your reader is going through your Article you have very little time to make them do a particular action. Due to this reason Articles are usually written between 400 to 750 words. The patience level of your target audiences in the online world is very limited. Lengthy Articles will not hold and will not be able to retain the attention level.

As an Article writer you will get projects that sometimes require you to re-write an existing Article and at other times you will be asked to create a completely new Article.

What you need to know to write an Article:
  • As first step focus and be clear about the brief. Don't start to write immediately. Let incubation of the thought take place.
  • Let your thoughts get focused. It is important that you have a single thought per Article.
  • Use simple lucid language. Make it simple for your readers to go through your article quickly.
  • Try to have bullet points so that it is easy to follow.
Articles help your client's blog and websites to have a back-link. They are found in search engines. You can submit your Articles at special websites that are specially created for Articles on various industries and subjects. These spaces on the net have a lot of traffic as they have a plethora of information on various subjects. Here you can contribute your Articles. Keep in mind to read their instructions and guidelines properly.

Keep to your Article subject. So go on and pitch for Article writing!

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How To Earn From Your Blog

Many a times you may have wondered as to how you can earn from your Blog. There are various platforms that enable you to have free Blogs hosted. They are totally free of cost. Blogs can enable you to earn and make yourself some money. However please note that this is not an overnight get rich formula. You are required to work on your Blog posts on almost on daily basis.

Traffic on your Blog directly relates to your earning: 
Before I share on how you can earn from your Blog let us first understand on how to maintain your Blog. Your earning will totally depend on the health of your Blog. If there is more traffic / visitors on your Blog then there is a high probability of you earning. If there is low or no traffic then naturally you do not get to earn. So you need to know on how to gain more traffic to your Blog. Do read: Myths On Earning Money Online

Make a note on what you should do with your Blog so that you could get good traffic:

  • Firstly you need to understand that Blogging requires time and effort. Getting traffic on your Blog is a very organic process. It is not an overnight get rich process. There is no use getting traffic over night. These packages are available by scammers usually. You need the right target audience / visitors. You need them to re-visit you. This is critical that your traffic / visitors revisit your blog.

  • First focus and decide on what you will blog about. Decide on the topic / subject. You require a topic that you can write on a continuous and consistent basis. Best is to have the topic which you understand and can write easily.

  • You need to express yourself vividly which your reader can comprehend and find easy to understand.

  • You need to post on atleast one post a day on daily basis. If this is not feasible have four posts each week every week. You need to have your blog updated and consistently having good posts.

  • Once you have decided and are sure about your topic, the next step is to know and decide upon your keywords. Key words are very crucial. You need to do a key word research and know what people search for. This is the most critical factor.

  • Do make a point to read this: Ethics Of Blogging

  • Do a quick read of: How To Write Your Post

Below are ways that could enable you to earn from your Blog:

  • Firstly you need to adhere to what is shared above in 'Make a note on what you should do with your Blog so that you get good traffic'

  • Earning from your blog could be done via four methods essentially: affiliate banners, sponsored reviews, Google AdSense and banner ads.

    • Affiliate Banners: This is a well known way to earn. What you require to is connect with business houses or affiliate websites. The affiliate websites would enable you to connect with business houses that are on the lookout for affiliates. Once you decide and are recruited as an affiliate you need to do two things. At one level put a blog post about the link of affiliate and second part is put up the affiliate banner.  As an affiliate you get paid for achieving pre-decided goals. The goals could be achieving sales or driving traffic to their website and so on.  You get paid at a fixed or variable price. You could be rewarded by means of sweepstakes, gifts or discounts. Some affiliates that pay are: Sponsored reviews and Check out the market space!

    • Banner ads: Advertisement banners are given to you either directly by business houses or the ad networks. You could earn by cost per click or the cost per impression method. If your blog generates very high targeted traffic then you could earn via the cost per impression method.

    • Google AdSense: This is brought to you by the Google Inc. You earn from the ads displayed in the AdSense. The method of earning is pay per click method. More information is here:  How To Use AdSense To Earn Money

    • Sponsored reviews: The customers / target audiences of various business houses and companies use Social Media for personal and business reasons. If they have a complaint with regards to a product or service a prompt Tweet and Post takes place. Due to this reason companies are more than happy if you could write for them a healthy and honest review. Here the earning is per review. This is good money. When you will give honest review then you will be given more projects. Do not be too critical nor too much of praising. You can try this here: Sponsored reviews If you require more information read here: If You Have A Blog - Go On And Earn! At Sponsored Reviews

So go on, write your blog. Keep posting.

A good read is:

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

How To Earn From Your Blog Via Sponsored Reviews

Just the way, practically everything has a good and bad side the internet also is laden with wolves and angels. With the vast earning opportunity being mentioned on the net many people are searching as to how does one really earn from the internet. There have been lots of people who have been scammed and have ended up loosing money. This takes place when you may perhaps not know the basics and are enticed by lucrative offers. There are people who even show you proofs of cheques and financial bank statements of their earning.

If at all you are caught in a situation wherein there is even the slightest doubt then do not go in for the offer. Rule of the thumb: Don't pay till you earn.

In this post I will share on one of the online earning methods. This is about how you can earn from sponsored reviews.

These days Social Media is almost at its peak. You have customers who can set off a Tweet about how a product is malfunctioning or about how a service is not up to its mark. This one Tweet can become a wildfire in the online world. With such a scenario the companies and business houses are constantly looking out on how they can increase their viability in a positive manner. Given this scenario there is good earning potential via the review stream.

How do you go about doing reviews:
You need to register onto websites that have a market space for sponsored reviews. These sites connect with companies and business houses. These sites are meeting spaces for you and your potential client. Once you register on these sites you get informed via email usually on which companies are looking for a review. You will be informed of the category and the type of review required with relevant material that will enable you to write your review.

What next:
Once you decide on which company review you would like to work you place a bid. If the company approves of your bid your work starts. Usually you have seven days to revert back to the company via the same site.

First thing first:
Before you register you need a blog. You will require to share your blog url which the site administrators will visit and check - it is all technology driven and at times manual checking is also done. Your blog is to have fresh, keyword oriented and consistent posting. It requires to be atleast three months old with atleast 20 good posts. Needless to say it requires good traffic as well. There are couple of good spaces on the internet where you can setup your blog without incurring any costs for hosting. When you are setting up your blog you need to be sure on two things: what topic will you write about and what keywords are important. I would suggest without having these two things decided upon do not set up your blog. The reason being that your blog heading and your blog url should indicate the topic with relevant wordings. If you have decided then go on and start to post.

Once your blog is on the go you can then go to your review site and register. One such review site you will find here: Sponsored reviews

Remember to be patient. You will need to grow organically. It takes time. 

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

How To Use AdSense To Earn Money

You would have heard about AdSense. It is a way that many propagate in the online world to earn money from. There are lots of scams built around this application as well. AdSense comes from the house of Google company. It is an application that displays targeted advertisements. You need to incorporate this application onto your blog.

As a starting point you require to have a blog. You should have decided on what topics you will blog. Your posts are to be original and fresh. You will need to be consistent in posting. Incase you cannot post daily then ideally post at-least four times a week each week. In order for you to manage this consistency you need to blog on a topic that you perhaps are passionate about and that which interests you. Your posts need not be over 500 words. When you commence with your blog and before you create your first post you are required to get a fix on what keywords you will use. Have at-least five to seven keywords in your mind. Each post could be dedicated to one or two keywords. Remember not to have the same keywords all bundled into one post. Repeating same words will make you lose out on your reader. This will result in the reader not coming back to your site.

Post content that is relevant to your reader. Provide useful information. Post information that is general and specific to the topic that you have selected.

To incorporate AdSense onto your blog, as first step you need to have a Google account. Ideally have a GMail so that you automatically are eligible for various free Google products. Once you have a Google account you need to log into the AdSense account.

Your AdSense account enables you to select on which type of advertisements are to be displayed and the format of the display size. It also enables you to keep your competitor advertisements out. AdSense has awesome tools to enable you to analyze your traffic.

Installing AdSense onto your blog:
Firstly you will require to select the type of advertisement units you want to display. You will also select as to what is the placement you want. You will be able to opt for the type of advertisements you want and where they should appear. After you decide on this you will need to generate the code. This you can easily avail by clicking a single button.

Once you have the code go onto your blog and place this into the plug-in section. Refresh your blog and view the advertisements. You are done!

Earning from AdSense is not an overnight rich concept. In order for you to earn you need to understand how AdSense works:
When people click onto the advertisements displayed in your AdSense box you get to earn per click. For this to take place you need high traffic on your blog. You blog can have high traffic if you have content that is really relevant, fresh and consistent. Simple formula is keep blogging.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Befriending Your Target Audience

People like to interact with other people. They like it when they are understood and heard. Here are simple pointers that make us realize how to connect with people who form our most important circle our target audience.
  • Tone: When you speak with someone say for instance your friend you do recognize in what tonality you talk. Your tone comes naturally and you both have respect for each other. This respect is not only unconscious but gets visible time and again when you both communicate with each other.
  • Simple lucid language: When you talk with friends you do not use words which require referring to thesaurus and dictionary. Similarly please use easy local words which many people understand and can comprehend.
  • Recognize: Just like friends, your target audience will feel good if you recollect a previous conversation and address it. When you meet your friends don't you try to catch up from where you left your last talks? Similarly why approach the people in your target audience as strangers each time. If they are regular commentators on your blog or Social Media page then recognize them. 
  • Listening: This is a critical skill to have. It does not matter where you are or with whom you are. You need to be a good listener who can comprehend and paraphrase the same.
  • Empathy: You need to relate to them. Be human and relevant. If they have shared a problem which is within the preview of your page / blog then do make it a point to offer genuine help.
  • Transparency: It goes without saying that a relationship based on transparency and trust goes a long way. Similarly have an open communication with your target audience. Be mature enough to accept a problem or complain and address it.
A word of caution: Befriending does not mean that you start to cross over and use slang or start to move away from the reason why your page or blog exists. You need not go overboard. However this is not be taken to such an extent and crossed limits. You may get away with little negative behavior with your friends [though you should avoid it], however your negative behavior with your target audience can lead them to leave you - and leave you very fast.

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