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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Monday, May 9, 2011

Earn By Being An Article Writer

Online Article writing is one of the most sought after feature for many business houses. Article writing requires that you follow a formal structure. When your reader is going through your Article you have very little time to make them do a particular action. Due to this reason Articles are usually written between 400 to 750 words. The patience level of your target audiences in the online world is very limited. Lengthy Articles will not hold and will not be able to retain the attention level.

As an Article writer you will get projects that sometimes require you to re-write an existing Article and at other times you will be asked to create a completely new Article.

What you need to know to write an Article:
  • As first step focus and be clear about the brief. Don't start to write immediately. Let incubation of the thought take place.
  • Let your thoughts get focused. It is important that you have a single thought per Article.
  • Use simple lucid language. Make it simple for your readers to go through your article quickly.
  • Try to have bullet points so that it is easy to follow.
Articles help your client's blog and websites to have a back-link. They are found in search engines. You can submit your Articles at special websites that are specially created for Articles on various industries and subjects. These spaces on the net have a lot of traffic as they have a plethora of information on various subjects. Here you can contribute your Articles. Keep in mind to read their instructions and guidelines properly.

Keep to your Article subject. So go on and pitch for Article writing!

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