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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Fun In Having Your Own Business Set-Up!

When you are at work you need to toe the corporate line. There is always attendance adherence and you can step out only when it is allowed. There is someone getting you stressed out and there is someone being political. Having said this ofcourse you will find / already found a corporate that makes you feel good and motivated. It is always good to be employed in your initial years of working life. You get to understand system and ethics. You understand that there is no running away from hard work and good output. You get to have a firsthand experience on how to present and be formal in a corporate environment. There is no substitute for this experience. 

As time goes by and when you are confident that you have spent good number of years in the corporate scenario you can then do a reality check: Are you all set to start something on your own? Do you have the required skill sets and the knowledge?

Being on your own has its advantages. There are no doubt myths as well about the advantages. For instance the greatest myth is 'time for other things'. Well this is not true in reality. Reason being is that whatever extra time you get you will try to market your business. You try to network and start to look around for clients. Marketing becomes an essential factor. Add to this if you do have clients then you are loaded with the work as well. So, there will not seem to be any extra time. Having said this ofcourse you can choose to squeeze in something else that you may have always wanted to do. The good part is there is no one breathing over your neck to see what you are doing when.

The other advantage is that you can say a no! Well, if you are in a corporate world and specially into sales or marketing, dare you say a no to client. This goes for client servicing and customer care personnel as well. Imagine saying a no to a prospective / ongoing client just because the deadline given is too short or the monies are cut or the language used by the client is not to your acceptance level. In the corporate world there have being instances where the client gets sacked - this ofcourse is a rare and a boardroom decision. What happens when you are on your own? You can choose to say no to the client. It is your own business decision. Remember rejecting too much could be bad for your business health though.

You can choose to price your product / service. Having said this naturally you need to adhere to the industry standards and see at what level you are in your category and what is the kind of quality you are giving. However you can choose to negotiate to whatever extent you want, hopefully in an ethical manner.

When there is no one breathing down your neck and when you are not caught up in office politics wondering if your next promotion will take place or not - you can concentrate on your task at hand. You are a lot more tension free and will be able to look at quality work.

There is always advantage and disadvantage to anything. Well it is now your turn. What makes you think are the advantages of having your own business?

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