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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Sunday, May 8, 2011

How To Earn From Your Blog Via Sponsored Reviews

Just the way, practically everything has a good and bad side the internet also is laden with wolves and angels. With the vast earning opportunity being mentioned on the net many people are searching as to how does one really earn from the internet. There have been lots of people who have been scammed and have ended up loosing money. This takes place when you may perhaps not know the basics and are enticed by lucrative offers. There are people who even show you proofs of cheques and financial bank statements of their earning.

If at all you are caught in a situation wherein there is even the slightest doubt then do not go in for the offer. Rule of the thumb: Don't pay till you earn.

In this post I will share on one of the online earning methods. This is about how you can earn from sponsored reviews.

These days Social Media is almost at its peak. You have customers who can set off a Tweet about how a product is malfunctioning or about how a service is not up to its mark. This one Tweet can become a wildfire in the online world. With such a scenario the companies and business houses are constantly looking out on how they can increase their viability in a positive manner. Given this scenario there is good earning potential via the review stream.

How do you go about doing reviews:
You need to register onto websites that have a market space for sponsored reviews. These sites connect with companies and business houses. These sites are meeting spaces for you and your potential client. Once you register on these sites you get informed via email usually on which companies are looking for a review. You will be informed of the category and the type of review required with relevant material that will enable you to write your review.

What next:
Once you decide on which company review you would like to work you place a bid. If the company approves of your bid your work starts. Usually you have seven days to revert back to the company via the same site.

First thing first:
Before you register you need a blog. You will require to share your blog url which the site administrators will visit and check - it is all technology driven and at times manual checking is also done. Your blog is to have fresh, keyword oriented and consistent posting. It requires to be atleast three months old with atleast 20 good posts. Needless to say it requires good traffic as well. There are couple of good spaces on the internet where you can setup your blog without incurring any costs for hosting. When you are setting up your blog you need to be sure on two things: what topic will you write about and what keywords are important. I would suggest without having these two things decided upon do not set up your blog. The reason being that your blog heading and your blog url should indicate the topic with relevant wordings. If you have decided then go on and start to post.

Once your blog is on the go you can then go to your review site and register. One such review site you will find here: Sponsored reviews

Remember to be patient. You will need to grow organically. It takes time. 

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