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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tackling A Worried Mind

Worrying is part of your brain and to resist or overcome it is a difficult task. To stop worrying suddenly is strenuous because in your mind the worry makes sense and hence to move on is difficult. Trying to relieve yourself from worry is not easy. To the mind worry makes sense as you will have thought of some risk. Sometimes you are correct in thinking about the risk and sometimes it is just the mind that thinks more than what reality would make you encounter.

Worry could be a very dominant aspect in some people. It could be so strong that people cannot overcome it. While some experience worry in manner that they have high anxiety levels which they cannot control. Worry is manifested in many ways. It could be towards a daily activity for instance after leaving home one wonders if the geyser was switched off. When a person is too much of a worrisome mindset they automatically seek worry. This, the person does not realize.

In order to tackle worry you need your mind to be prepared for the same. Naturally you do not know when you will encounter a situation that could cause you to worry. The suggestion here is to keep your mind trained so that if at all in the future you do worry your mind automatically gets re-focused. Training your mind cannot happen in the mist of worry hence you need to have a system built mentally before-hand.

Below could be a couple of realizations and activities that you could do to train your mind to reduce your worry zone:
  • When you start to worry ask yourself - does it help to struggle in the soup of worry? Do you think properly. If things are to happen they will take place irrespective if you worry or not. Perhaps a concrete action from your end could tackle the situation rather than mentally just worrying about it.
  • Take action. Be action oriented. If there is something that is the cause of worry push your mind to think on how best you can solve it. Be result oriented. Many a times you will see a way out. Ofcourse there would be situations where you seem to be helpless, under this circumstances start looking at acceptance.
  • Worry would cause tension amongst persons around you - irrespective of the fact that other persons are involved or not involved in that particular situation.
  • Worry causes interpersonal problems. When you are worried you cannot appreciate people around you. You will carry the baggage of worry wherever you go. Incase you cannot have an outlet for your worry then what you start to do is become angry with people who you feel you can get away with. This way your temperament also starts to get unstable. Overall you become a difficult person to live and be around with.
  • Long tenures of worry causes health problems.
  • To not worry is good psychological and mental health. You need not feel guilty to not worry or you need not feel obliged to worry.
  • Unfortunately worry is sometimes in the family. As a child if you have noted that in any situation people at home start to worry you grow up being the same, the reason being that your mind has not opened to the fact that there is situation solving behavior that you should look at.
This is not the same as trying to tell yourself to calm down. If there is a situation then do not avoid it. To not worry and look at the situation in the eye and tackle it is what is meant by not to worry. Avoidance is not the way. To worry and not to worry is a choice. This you need to realize. This you need to engrave into your mind when your mind is relatively calmer.

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