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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Thursday, June 30, 2011

When You Start With Your Blog For The First Time

When you start with your Blog for the first time you would want to have a road map on how you could go about doing this. Here are few pointers that could be of help:
  • As first step, you need to decide, what is the topic you will start to write on. You are to have a focused topic. Decide on what you can write for the coming years. Remember Blogging is not a one time work. You will need to write on a topic during hectic times as well, when you would be loaded with work. You will need to write when you will not have work as well. While your topic is to be focused it is to have enough depth so that you can write your posts for the coming years. While you do select what interests you keep in mind that it should be of interest to people reading as well.
  • Now that you know your topic you need to do a little online research. Figure out your target audience. Then check on two aspects: one is who else is writing on similar topic and what are the keywords used by searchers on search engines.
  • Based on your findings decide on a good title for your Blog and the url that your Blog is to have.
  • Remember to always use the same keywords in your Posts as well. Your Post heading, subheads and body-copy should have the same keywords. Caution: use the keywords sparingly and do not clutter the matter to such an extent that the readers do not find your writing relevant and interesting. Add to this your Blog will be spotted and flagged by the search engines if keywords are used in a wrong way.
  • After your topic is fixed, you will now need to decide on which platform will you start to blog. You will find lots of sites offering free Blogs for Bloggers. You need to register on one of these.
  • Start to write your Post. You will need to decide on the frequency. There are two essential criteria to Blogging: your content and frequency. If you fall back on any one of the two then your audience will soon start to move away. Do not indulge in plagiarism
  • After you have written five to ten Posts with good frequency, then start to work on marketing aspect. Spread the word.
  • When you have good traffic you can then start to look at earning from your Blog. How To Earn From Your Blog Via Sponsored Reviews

Blogging is to be consistent. It requires time, patience, energy and dedication. Remember it is commitment to yourself and to your readers. Do not leave it half way. Myths On Earning Money Online

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

As Freelance Person Maintain Your Professional Brand

As a Freelance person you need to have a focus and understand what you are doing. You need to zero down and stand for something. For instance if you are a Freelance Writer you need to focus on what kind of writing you want to specialize in. While you should write on various topics and various formats - you need to concentrate on your specialization. If you are a Writer then demonstrate what is your area of expertise, is it article writing? blogging? and so on. Additionally what industry can you write on for instance, is it fashion? technology? and so on.

Your name is to be made synonymous to your specialty. This is branding that will come over a period of time. For Branding to take place you need to start soon. Once you decide on this then start to spread the word. Connect with people. Do marketing for yourself. Prepare your name the way you would for your Client Business.
You could use Social Media to the fullest.  

Try to build your Community on Facebook for instance. However before you start, decide on your Brand, the personality that you are to have and decide on what marketing effort would be best for you.
Blogging is another way to demonstrate your expertise. Work toward Blogging. Prepare a strategy on what will you share via your Facebook Page and via your Blog. Your strategy is to have a frequency schedule as well. Note down the various topics that you plan to write about.  

These days people Google you before they meet with you. Hence, have your profile updated and properly completed on various Social Sites like LinkedIn and so on. Use proper photos. See to it that you do not upload things that you would not want to be associated with.

Give time and think through your Brand. What will you stand for, what is the proposition that you offer, what is the personality that you will maintain and so on. This is going to remain with you for a very long time hence do not rush into this aspect. 

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Your First Steps As Freelancer

You have decided to be a Freelance person by profession. As a Freelance professional the first step that you need to take is determine on what is your niche. What is it that you can earn from. This is not difficult, however when you first start you need to think in terms of what is the product or service that you wish to offer. What is it that you will be paid for.

There are a couple of parameters that you may need to consider:
  • Your Niche: What is it that you will earn from, will it be a service or a product.
  • Competition: Make a quick study of who all are in this field that you select. This would consist of other Freelance persons and other Business houses who may offer similar product or service that you are looking at.
  • Pricing: From the above study you need to be clear on the pricing as well. Remember what a Freelance person will offer will be different than what a Business house may offer for similar services / products. Add to this at your initial stages you may want to consider a little price advantage.
  • Infrastructure: You need to list down what is it that you need to run your Freelance Business. Check on what you need and what you have, make a list of the items that you need.
  • Timing: You need to fix your timing of work. Though it is thought that Freelance workers have flexible timing - this will not hold good for you especially when you are just starting a new venture. If you will be disrespectful of time then it is not going to hold good for you.
  • Marketing: By deciding that you will now start off doing Freelance tasks / projects does not take you anywhere. You will need to make people aware of what you are offering. You will need to spread the word. For this you need to create your Business profile and Network. As Freelancer do not be anonymous.
As a Freelance person you may not receive projects immediately. Many a times there would be long gaps between one project to another. These are the times you may get dejected and may think on what you are doing. The key here is to not give up. You need to continue doing your marketing and not give up.

All the best!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bloggers Require To Concentrate On SEO

As a Blogger you want to write your Posts which are well appreciated and acknowledged as genuine and authentic. You want that your target audience not only visits your Blog but re-visits it. Yes re-visit / retention is a very important criteria for Bloggers. Re-visits ensure that you have a captive audience and it always opens the road for viral network spread. In order to have a healthy traffic you need to ensure that your Blog works well on search engines. If you have a good number of visitors and if your content is great then you can hope to have retention of your visitors.

With Google's Panda you need to be careful on what you do with your Blog SEO endeavor. Below are couple of pointers that you need to consider while working on Blogs:
  • Research on Keywords: This is research work. You need to use Keyword research tools that are available online and check what are the various Keywords being used. It is essential to make yourself aware of what your target audience searches online. What words do they use to search. These words need to be paid attention.
  • Select specific and relevant Keywords: Once you have discovered the various Keywords that are being used you then have to decide on which Keyword is best suited for your Blog. There are various factors to keep in mind while doing this selection. For instance you need to be clear on which words suite your Brand Personality. It is critical to understand that your Blog is one of the Touch Point for your Customers. Hence the Brand Personality is to be insync across all Touch Points and the umbrella Brand. Your Keyword is to be relevant and making sense to people who come onto your Blog via search.
  • Keyword density: Once you have selected your Keyword, use them across your content. Keep in mind that over populating the content with Keywords is not going to hold good for you. The algorithms of the various search engines are scripted to identify unnecessary Keyword usage. Add to this if your content is populated with too much of Keyword then your reader will loose interest in your Post.
  • Title: Keyword usage is to be incorporated onto your Blog Title as well. When you do this remember that this will remain for a long time. You cannot keep changing your Blog's main title. Hence while you do incorporate the Keyword you need to be extremely sure that this is what your Brand and Business will be known by.
  • Sub titles and sub head: When you write new Posts and and start to have headlines and sub-heads you need to incorporate the same Keywords. Use this creatively.
  • Keywords in Body copy: This is the crucial part. Do not over populate your body-copy and and make the reader find it difficult to understand your matter.
  • In your Links: The various links that you use / create, the Blog URL and so on all require to have the Keywords.
  • Images: When you name an image save it as per the Keyword name. Avoid naming images and files as Image1, image2 and so on.
These are easy and simple on-page SEO that you can work towards while Blogging. You need not be a technical person to work on this. 

What are your views do share them here.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

The Devil's Advocate Comments On Your Blog Post

Blogging can become a way of life. You may choose to share knowledge, earn etc via your blog. You would have written your blog with a certain thought process and focus. You keep your certain target audience in your mind when you start to write. What happens next? Hopefully you get a lot of traffic. People like your post and they comment in a constructive manner.

However you do need to be prepared for those who have a negative approach. They take upon themselves a self appointed cause.  According to them they are the official cleaners of the internet. They seek to share with you the negativity. They could get a little too intrusive in the way they comment. They could be doing it with honest intention of sharing valuable thought processes. They tend to bring to your notice on what is wrong or the other side of what you have written. They have the self appointed mandate to draw yours and other person's attention to the fault in what you may write. They like to be the typical devil's advocate. They share another point of view.

Many a times they may be right. It is good to have them on board so that you have a check on what you share via your writing.

However, many a times when you track them and read their comments you would start to see that they are a little out of context. You may get the feel that they are on a rampant to share negative conversation. The reason they may do this could be various. They could have met an unfortunate past experience or they could be on a sad trip of life in their current situation. Reasons could be ample after all they too are humans. They perhaps could have not understood what you may have written and perhaps could have interpreted in a wrong way.

You need to respect their comments, step back and think if you would really want to entertain such comments. You need not lose your temperament. You can flag them as spam, you could delete, or choose to ignore. Your answering them is not a bad idea either, just that it will lead to an inane conversation of ego clashes.

You could track them and see that many a times they prove to be having a monologue. No one really comments back to them. They ofcourse feel they are in the right and what they are doing is a correct method and way to go about things. While they have a point to prove it is entirely your choice on how you want to reply.

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

3 Ways To Get More Freelance Projects

As a Freelance person many a times you may find it difficult to procure projects for yourself. You will have to always keep looking out for ways and means in which you can get your next Freelance project. Below am sharing with you three fundamental truths on how to procure your next project. Remember this is a consistent process. It is not one time task. You need to build this into your system of work. You will need to dedicate atleast three to four days in a week to do the below. This should be every week.
  • Keep in touch with your Clients: Your Clients are your ambassadors. Keep in touch with your past and present Clients. If they have work they will connect with you. You need to be on top of their mind. They can even recommend you to others.
  • Promote yourself: Don't feel shy to promoting yourself. Every Brand / Service needs to be promoted. People need to know that you are present. Add to this they need to be reminded often though not become a nuisance ofcourse.
  • Job market: Keep in touch with the job market within your industry and field. Keep applying and keep bidding. Don't get discouraged if you will not be winning the projects. It takes time to build for yourself a list of Clients. Hang in there.
So, there you are. Keep in there. Hang in. Don't give up.

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