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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Sunday, June 5, 2011

3 Ways To Get More Freelance Projects

As a Freelance person many a times you may find it difficult to procure projects for yourself. You will have to always keep looking out for ways and means in which you can get your next Freelance project. Below am sharing with you three fundamental truths on how to procure your next project. Remember this is a consistent process. It is not one time task. You need to build this into your system of work. You will need to dedicate atleast three to four days in a week to do the below. This should be every week.
  • Keep in touch with your Clients: Your Clients are your ambassadors. Keep in touch with your past and present Clients. If they have work they will connect with you. You need to be on top of their mind. They can even recommend you to others.
  • Promote yourself: Don't feel shy to promoting yourself. Every Brand / Service needs to be promoted. People need to know that you are present. Add to this they need to be reminded often though not become a nuisance ofcourse.
  • Job market: Keep in touch with the job market within your industry and field. Keep applying and keep bidding. Don't get discouraged if you will not be winning the projects. It takes time to build for yourself a list of Clients. Hang in there.
So, there you are. Keep in there. Hang in. Don't give up.

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