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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Saturday, June 25, 2011

As Freelance Person Maintain Your Professional Brand

As a Freelance person you need to have a focus and understand what you are doing. You need to zero down and stand for something. For instance if you are a Freelance Writer you need to focus on what kind of writing you want to specialize in. While you should write on various topics and various formats - you need to concentrate on your specialization. If you are a Writer then demonstrate what is your area of expertise, is it article writing? blogging? and so on. Additionally what industry can you write on for instance, is it fashion? technology? and so on.

Your name is to be made synonymous to your specialty. This is branding that will come over a period of time. For Branding to take place you need to start soon. Once you decide on this then start to spread the word. Connect with people. Do marketing for yourself. Prepare your name the way you would for your Client Business.
You could use Social Media to the fullest.  

Try to build your Community on Facebook for instance. However before you start, decide on your Brand, the personality that you are to have and decide on what marketing effort would be best for you.
Blogging is another way to demonstrate your expertise. Work toward Blogging. Prepare a strategy on what will you share via your Facebook Page and via your Blog. Your strategy is to have a frequency schedule as well. Note down the various topics that you plan to write about.  

These days people Google you before they meet with you. Hence, have your profile updated and properly completed on various Social Sites like LinkedIn and so on. Use proper photos. See to it that you do not upload things that you would not want to be associated with.

Give time and think through your Brand. What will you stand for, what is the proposition that you offer, what is the personality that you will maintain and so on. This is going to remain with you for a very long time hence do not rush into this aspect. 

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