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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bloggers Require To Concentrate On SEO

As a Blogger you want to write your Posts which are well appreciated and acknowledged as genuine and authentic. You want that your target audience not only visits your Blog but re-visits it. Yes re-visit / retention is a very important criteria for Bloggers. Re-visits ensure that you have a captive audience and it always opens the road for viral network spread. In order to have a healthy traffic you need to ensure that your Blog works well on search engines. If you have a good number of visitors and if your content is great then you can hope to have retention of your visitors.

With Google's Panda you need to be careful on what you do with your Blog SEO endeavor. Below are couple of pointers that you need to consider while working on Blogs:
  • Research on Keywords: This is research work. You need to use Keyword research tools that are available online and check what are the various Keywords being used. It is essential to make yourself aware of what your target audience searches online. What words do they use to search. These words need to be paid attention.
  • Select specific and relevant Keywords: Once you have discovered the various Keywords that are being used you then have to decide on which Keyword is best suited for your Blog. There are various factors to keep in mind while doing this selection. For instance you need to be clear on which words suite your Brand Personality. It is critical to understand that your Blog is one of the Touch Point for your Customers. Hence the Brand Personality is to be insync across all Touch Points and the umbrella Brand. Your Keyword is to be relevant and making sense to people who come onto your Blog via search.
  • Keyword density: Once you have selected your Keyword, use them across your content. Keep in mind that over populating the content with Keywords is not going to hold good for you. The algorithms of the various search engines are scripted to identify unnecessary Keyword usage. Add to this if your content is populated with too much of Keyword then your reader will loose interest in your Post.
  • Title: Keyword usage is to be incorporated onto your Blog Title as well. When you do this remember that this will remain for a long time. You cannot keep changing your Blog's main title. Hence while you do incorporate the Keyword you need to be extremely sure that this is what your Brand and Business will be known by.
  • Sub titles and sub head: When you write new Posts and and start to have headlines and sub-heads you need to incorporate the same Keywords. Use this creatively.
  • Keywords in Body copy: This is the crucial part. Do not over populate your body-copy and and make the reader find it difficult to understand your matter.
  • In your Links: The various links that you use / create, the Blog URL and so on all require to have the Keywords.
  • Images: When you name an image save it as per the Keyword name. Avoid naming images and files as Image1, image2 and so on.
These are easy and simple on-page SEO that you can work towards while Blogging. You need not be a technical person to work on this. 

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