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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Thursday, June 30, 2011

When You Start With Your Blog For The First Time

When you start with your Blog for the first time you would want to have a road map on how you could go about doing this. Here are few pointers that could be of help:
  • As first step, you need to decide, what is the topic you will start to write on. You are to have a focused topic. Decide on what you can write for the coming years. Remember Blogging is not a one time work. You will need to write on a topic during hectic times as well, when you would be loaded with work. You will need to write when you will not have work as well. While your topic is to be focused it is to have enough depth so that you can write your posts for the coming years. While you do select what interests you keep in mind that it should be of interest to people reading as well.
  • Now that you know your topic you need to do a little online research. Figure out your target audience. Then check on two aspects: one is who else is writing on similar topic and what are the keywords used by searchers on search engines.
  • Based on your findings decide on a good title for your Blog and the url that your Blog is to have.
  • Remember to always use the same keywords in your Posts as well. Your Post heading, subheads and body-copy should have the same keywords. Caution: use the keywords sparingly and do not clutter the matter to such an extent that the readers do not find your writing relevant and interesting. Add to this your Blog will be spotted and flagged by the search engines if keywords are used in a wrong way.
  • After your topic is fixed, you will now need to decide on which platform will you start to blog. You will find lots of sites offering free Blogs for Bloggers. You need to register on one of these.
  • Start to write your Post. You will need to decide on the frequency. There are two essential criteria to Blogging: your content and frequency. If you fall back on any one of the two then your audience will soon start to move away. Do not indulge in plagiarism
  • After you have written five to ten Posts with good frequency, then start to work on marketing aspect. Spread the word.
  • When you have good traffic you can then start to look at earning from your Blog. How To Earn From Your Blog Via Sponsored Reviews

Blogging is to be consistent. It requires time, patience, energy and dedication. Remember it is commitment to yourself and to your readers. Do not leave it half way. Myths On Earning Money Online

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