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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ideas To Blog

Are you running out of Blogging ideas? Two things that drive your Blog to go ahead are:
  • Consistency
  • Content
Here are a couple of ideas that you can delve into so as to make your Blogging experience a little more interesting:
  • Podcasts: Sometimes it is easier to express with a voice and an audio than the written matter. Start your audio Blogging and Post a podcast.
  • Video: There is nothing more captivating than a visual. Videos are great to have on your Blogs. You could share from YouTube if there is something in context of the content you are looking to Blog.
  • Contests: These are great tools to get more crowds, to get more people, to get a viral effect and to get a feeling of 'look-forward'. When you do contests remember the legal side as well not all types of contests can get away without a little mess.
  • Quotes: Blogging with quotes are a great way to open conversations.
  • Links: Sharing links to other write-ups and content that may be of interest to your audience is another good way to share and involve people. The idea here is to provide valuable content - even if it is not on your Blog.
  • Guest Post: Having other people sharing their views and ideas is an interesting manner in which you can generate great content for your audience.
  • Lists: People love to have things drawn for them. So if you have lists it would be great. Lists could be anything - like for instance top 5 mistakes, or top 5 positive traits and so on.
  • How-Tos: This is an amazing content. Just a heading as simple as 'How to...' will draw attention. How to articles are always a welcome with many people. You have a great chance that other sites may take your link and share with their audience - whereby you get added traffic to your Blog as well.
  • Tip: A tip a day is a great idea. If it is difficult to have daily tips then have a weekly tip. People love to know great ideas and good points in a synopses and summary format. So go on and share tips.
  • Round - Up: It would be great if you could have a weekly or monthly round-up. Here you will have to aggregate the content that is already out.
Your turn - share your quick secrets that enable you in your Blogging endeavor.

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