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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Your Resume Myths To Avoid

An unimpressive resume can create your future employees to overlook you. If you write or format your resume inappropriately then you have a big chance of loosing out. Your resume is the first step of your identity. Your resume is the first step to get your future employee's attention. You need to put your best foot ahead. Your resume is your introduction to the world.

You resume should be such that many department personnel understand, for instance the company's human resource people, the accounts department and ofcourse the department that you intent to apply for. It depends on the company.

Due to the various myths that you may have gathered over the years your resume could stand a chance to not get selected. Lets take a quick look at the myths:
  • Put any qualifications: Thinking that your lie will not be seen through is a wrong idea. People will sooner or later make out and this will have bad and negative reputation for yourself. Your bad reputation will flow through the Social Network as well. Whats more is that if you do get a job based on wrong information the pressure and stress will build up.
  • Generic information: Resumes usually have objectives section. Unfortunately many people seem to have similar objectives. If you take around 50 resumes [a natural number that employees could go through while recruiting] you will see that the objectives are very similar. Infact when interviews take place the person who has given the staple information has no drive nor does the person show any kind of passion / qualities that is pasted onto the objectives section in their resume. If you are going in for a copy paste job then best is to leave this section out totally. Similar section is hobbies, here we have reading, listening to music and so on. When in the interview you are asked what you are reading can you answer this?
  • Have a long resume: Having a long resume is another myth. The more you write the more impressive you end up being - is a very wrong idea. You need to have the attention of the reader. It is not the length of the resume that matters it is the content that is important. You need to have a flow that captures your audience. It is to be crisp.
  • One resume for may fields: Again it is not correct to have a single resume that you think will open up many different jobs. If you are looking for a sales job you cannot have a resume that is talking in general. You need to tweak your content so that you can cater to your job requisite in a better and more accurate manner. 
Unfortunately we do tend to go by wrong notions. This causes resumes to be almost deleted. Be careful. There would be more myths. Do review your resume.

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