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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Acupressure To Refresh Your Eyes

Your eyes are precious for you. They open up a whole new life in front of you. A little boost of energy into those eyes of yours will not only make you more refreshed but will also enable a good eye sight over the long period of time. One of the well known ways of boosting energy into your eyes is by way of Acupressure.

Acupressure is an ancient science that has come down through the ages. It is the method of putting pressure onto the critical points on your body that infuse energy and vitality onto your various organs and into your system.

How to pressure your points:
  • Use the tip of the middle finger or the knuckle of the same finger.
  • Pressure the points suggested. Not too hard not too less either.
  • Do not pierce or use anything else for the pressure.
What points to pressure for the eyes: There are four points:
  • The Acupressure point is situated at the side of your eyes. This is on the outer side which is near the temple of your head. It is midway between the outer end of your eyes and your temple.
  • The second Acupressure point is in the middle of your eyebrow bone. 
  • The third Acupressure point is on the sides of your nose the part which is near your inner side of your eyes.
  • The fourth Acupressure point is below your eyes in the center. This would be vertically below the same pressure point which is mentioned in the above second bullet point.
Hope this is helpful. Do this daily and hope you see the difference over a period time.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

How To Collect Email Ids

There are various reasons for you to Blog. Once such reason is to market your Freelance Services and to earn online. One of the ways to market yourself is by sending personalized emails to your Community. Emails are best accepted, received and acknowledged when the recipient themselves have no problem in receiving them. If your recipient has agreed to receive email from your end then you know that they could be your prospective Clients. For this purpose having an opt-in email system is critical.

An opt-in email service will enable you to send emails to people who are willing to receive information from your end via emails. In order to collect email ids below are couple of tips that could show you on how to collect email ids / addresses:
  • Have a Blog contest. While enrolling for your contest one of the criteria would be to share email address so that they can receive contest related notification, if any.
  • Ask and you shall get is not a wrong saying. Many a times by merely asking for email ids you could end up receiving lots of email addresses.
  • Go onto your Social Media platforms and ask there as well. Use your Social Media platform to enable and mobilize your email collection drive.
  • The most obvious and simple method is have an email submission plug-in.
These are couple of ideas to collect honestly and openly email address. When you will apply these ideas you would not be spamming as the person had willing submitted their email ides.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Earning From Your Blog

Blogging can be an amazing task that you can take up. Blogging enables you to gear up your writing skills for other kind of jobs where writing skills are required. Having a Blog enables you to earn in many ways.

Here are a couple of ways in which your Blog and your Blogging efforts can get you to earn:
  • The first obvious point is that you can put up ads on your Blog. This is a way to earn. Some advertisers pay on a per click basis others may look at monthly rent and so on.
  • Giving reviews of other sites and products is a way to earn as well. You can put up reviews as Posts on your Blog.
  • You can put up a donation button on your Blog wherein people pay if they like what they read.
  • Another way is to put up merchandise on your Blog. If people buy via your link then you get paid by way of commission.
  • If people really appreciate what you write then you could land yourself jobs / tasks / projects to write for other Blogs, online Sites, online News, etc.
  • Blogging can land you a consultant job as well in the area on which you are writing.
Blogging does open up lots of possibilities. 

So go on and write your Blog!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Tips On Networking For Job And Business

Social Networking is not easy for everyone. While there are people who find it easy and natural to connect with old and new friends / contacts, there are some who may find this process difficult and at times overwhelming. You know Networking is one of the ways in which you can receive job and business offers. If this is the way then why not imbibe some simple practices into your system so that the whole process is easy and not time consuming as well. Add to this, in times of crises Networking could be of help.

So why not have some regular activities involved and incorporated into your daily life:
  • Try to be helpful. If you see someone on your Network seeking some help why not try to respond and be of some use to the person. Many a times you may just need to connect two people which could be easily done over the internet itself. This creates goodwill for you and the two persons also would benefit.
  • Please do not broadcast sales messages. Instead broadcast information that will be helpful to your Network.
  • Treat people well. Have a cordial and respectful communication.
  • Listening is a very important portion of Networking.
  • Acknowledge people. If you have met someone do pass a message later [not too late] that it was nice to meet. If someone has achieved something then do pass a congratulations message.
  • Always have a Business card. A physical Business Card and an Online Business Card, both should be with you at all times.
  • When people offer you their Business Card please take it with respect. Preferably with both your hands and acknowledge it. It is not good to take it and put it away immediately.
Your turn -what are your tips?

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Work Tips For Freelancers

As a Freelance professional you may be in a hurry to work on the project. This definitely is a very positive aspect. As the Freelancer you are responsible for your Client's project. In order to maintain an easy flow of work and responsibility it is essential you have certain basic work systems in place.

Here are a couple of them:
  • Bring your Client up-to speed: Explain to your Client the details of the project. Share the knowledge. The more you share the more will the Client and you be on the same page of understanding on where the project is going and what the project requirements are. It is essential that your Client is involved in the project development process as well. Ofcourse do not burden the Client with details that may not be too much easy to understand.
  • Have an eye for detail: Have your process map properly mapped out on paper. It is best to have things in black and white so that you can share this with your Client as and when required.
  • Report: Reporting to Client on a daily basis is good. It keeps things in control.
  • Document: Documenting your project is essential. Documentation starts right from the time you start the project till the time you finish. Your scope of work is to be documented, your daily progress is to be documented. Incase there is no progress document the reason as well. Documentation should be intelligent and honest to maintain flow of knowledge and transparency.
  • Communicate with your Client on regular basis. This is essential. If there is an error taking place be open and share this information with your Client. It is not good when they discover. It is worse if you try to justify this wrongly.
  • Get a contract signed. This need not be elaborate. It is simple documentation on scope of work, process and costs with advance and so on.
  • Communicate in a professional manner.
  • Though you are a Freelance person do not work high highhandedly. Do not have week days as no work days.
There would be other tips that you may want to share.

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Branding Knowledge Is Important For A Writer

When you write for your Clients it is important that you understand the Brand for which you are writing. The size of the Business does not matter. Establishing a Brand is an ongoing process. It is to be followed and pursued at every stage. Infact before you key in your first write-up you need to be sure on what is the tone of voice that you are to use.

You will need to maintain your tone of voice at all times - when you are praised and when there are aggressive negative Comments. It is essential that the Brand Personality is maintained at all times. You need to understand that your Target Audience / Customer comes in contact with your Brand at many Touch Points like TV., Radio, Print Ads and so on.
The space where your writing will be released is one of the many Touch Points. Hence your writing is to be in-sync with the rest of the Brand Personality.

Your writing is one more extension of the Brand Personality.

A couple of parameters that you may want to consider while collaborating with your Client on the Brand Personality are:
  • Consider what your Client's Competitors are doing. Check this out. It is important that you are in the know of what your Competition is writing with regards to Content, Tone, Frequency and so on.
  • You need to be very clear on your Target Audience mindset. How do they relate to the space where your writing gets released, how do they regard the category in which your Client has their Business, how do they look at your Client's Brand and so on. 
  • Branding is about visual, audio and text. Hence get a good visual logo to your Brand as well as a great descriptor.
  • Consistency is the key to all Branding. If you are Consistent then people will relate to you as they start to get familiar.
  • Feedback monitoring is a must. If you can monitor the Comments and other types of Feedback then you will know where your Brand is and where should it go.
There is lots more to Branding, the above could be your initial quick pointers. Your turn how do you look at Branding?

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