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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Friday, September 30, 2011

Health Is Wealth

Health is wealth. This is what we all health. Healthy living has become a way of life for many persons. The question how should you manage good health and what is healthy living. It is about having a system in your day to day life.

You need to take small steps at a time. Simply add an additional glass of water. Add fruits in your breakfast.
Have lots of vegetables in your lunch and dinner.

When in polluted spaces have handkerchief covering your nose. When working on computer see to it that you walk away from your computer atleast every one and half hour.

There is no need to do aggressive exercises unless if you are advised to do so. Doing movements should be enough to keep your mobility and health in good state. One extremely amazing activity that happens to many automatically is pacing while talking on cell phones. This is a great activity especially if you are getting lot of calls and your each call is more than two minutes. This would be a great activity.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Four Points To Build Relationship With Your Blog's Readers

Blogging is part of marketing yourself in the online world. While Blogging you need to keep in mind that you are writing so that other persons will read, react, share and so on. An action is what you are working towards. In order to have the desired action from your readers you will need to create a basic relationship and bonding with them.

A couple of points that may be of help to you are:
  • Have a good flow in your content. Go with the flow in a focused manner. Have a story and tell it in a way that the reader almost imagines it.
  • A very simple copy-writing technique is the 'you' language. Write like the way you talk [ofcourse in a more correct manner]. Talk to your reader.
  • Remember Blogging for drawing crowd means that you write for the people and not about yourself.
  • Blogging is great way to show how you are on a professional level, what you sand for and so on.
These are few points that will help you to bond with your reader.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Three Points To Remember While Networking

Working as Freelance Professional needs you to do constant marketing. There are two efforts you need to make: one is be in touch and retain your current Clients and the other is make new contacts, connections and thereby new Clients. This will take place in gradual manner over a period of time. Best is not to be in hurry. It would a little slow but be certain that this is definite progressive format.

Being a good Networker you may want to remember the below:
  • First thing first -  show genuine interest in people when you connect with them. Do not behave highhanded. Be really interested in what you may be discussing and sharing.
  • Remember before you start your Networking have a very focused idea in what you stand for. What are the services you will offer and what is your product all about.
  • Show knowledge about the industry you are working in. Share matter in a honest manner. Show the passion.
Any other Networking tips that you can share would be great.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Parameters To Remember While Working On Your Resumes

Resume writing is not a difficult task. However it needs time, energy and concentration. Additionally you need to be consistent in updating your resume. There could be new tasks that you would want to showcase and hence will need to update and make note of that onto your resume.

There are a couple of parameters to remember while working on your resumes:
  • Do not make the resume a long, boring, copy pasted job. Please ensure that you are talking and not really bragging. There are still a couple of industries that insist you have a certain set format to follow. However if your industry does not make such rules then go all out and experiment. Have a format that captivates your audience. Having said this do not come across as unprofessional either. Follow a format and have little deviations therein.
  • Your resume is not a space to list out all your hobbies or extra-curricular activities. Mention a little so that there is a mental picture of you however you need not mention too many of them.
  • Please be clear on your achievements. If you have achieved something then by all means mention this. If you are a part of a team that perhaps has achieved something then be clear mention that your team achieved.
  • A logical flow is essential. Your resume should not be written as if you are filling up a questionnaire. There needs to be a very logical flow to what you write.
  • As a professional you may be able to cater to multiple fields. However when you are writing the resume you need to keep in mind to let each field have a separate resume. It is essential that you address individual industries.
These are couple of parameters that you can keep in mind and benefit while you frame your resume.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Freelance Business Skills

As a Freelancer you need to have your goals clearly defined in your mind. You will need to take various decisions on and off where you will need to express your Business proposition. Here are a couple of skills that you may require so as to put your Business of Freelance work in good perspective:
  • You will need to understand your finances very clearly. You need to know what will go into taxes. You will need to know how much you are spending and then what is the gross profit and the net profit.
  • Have the ability to say no to projects that are not going to pay right and additionally drain you out.
  • Do not behave highhandedly. Try to really understand your Client's requirements and try to give a little more than what you promise / is expected. Do not gear up to your Client's requests when your money cycle is on the low.
  • Make yourself as a Brand. Do not behave robotic but at the same time have certain principals and stand for something specific. For instance if you are a writer you need to identify what will you write about, who will you write for and what is your time dedication, costs etc.
  • Be professional. Have your documentation in place, communicate with Clients and be able to explain what you are doing. Do not create situations where Clients have to chase you, remind you and ask you questions.
These are few of the pointers - do share your points as well.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

What Is Acupressure

Acupressure is an ancient science that has come down to us over centuries. It is the science of healing by applying pressure on significant points of your body. The pressure is given by your fingers. This way you stimulate your body's natural self-curative abilities. Acupressure is good for self treatment and relieving pain, stress and so on. Acupressure and Acupuncture are two separate methods though both would deal with pressure application on vital pressure points on your body.

Acupressure is based on proper pressure application. The way to apply proper pressure is:
  • Use finger pressure directly on the Acupressure points.
  • Have the pressure on for three minutes.
  • The pressure is to be gradual, steady and penetrating.
  • The pressure that you apply should be firm. It should not hurt badly. It should hurt good.
  • Do not continue to press if there is too much pain.
  • Since your middle finger would be the longest and strongest use this for Acupressure.
  • Avoid Acupressure on a full stomach. After meals please wait for an hour before doing Acupressure.
Acupressure should be done practically daily. You could be doing Acupressure to maintain health or to relieve yourself of pain, both ways you are to practice it on daily basis is good. After your pain goes it is advisable to continue the same pressure points for a couple of weeks to avoid recurrence.

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