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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Freelancer Skills

As a Freelance Writer there are a couple of skill and characteristics that you need to have. Even if you do not have them you can still develop them. 
It is not too difficult to acquire them. Once you know what they are it becomes a lot more easier to develop and manage them. Here are a couple of skill sets that you may need to nurture and enhance:
  • Firstly you are to have a strong command over the language you plan to write in.
  • You may not not get a complete brief from your Client each time. Hence you need to be able to know how and where to do your own research so that you can give value and insight to your writings.
  • Next is you should be able to communicate with clarity and logically. This clarity could be in your mind the task here is that your reader understands what you have written.
  • Procrastinating work is like a disease. See to it that you are not keeping things for later. You also need to work on your own for long periods of time. This means that you should be self motivated.
  • Be optimistic in times of no work or less work. 
  • Finally you need to keep a strong hold on your monies.
These are some quick tips. Share yours.
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Alternative Medicine - Aroma Therapy

The knowledge and information of Aroma Therapy has been handed down since over generations. It was the Egyptians who started the process of Aroma Therapy. It is said that the famous Cleopatra was very much into this regime. The plants and herbs used in Aroma Therapy have healing as well as embalming qualities. The theory and knowledge has well been in the Chinese, Mediterranean and the Indian system since many decades. Some of the recipes are so deeply ingrained in the system that it is passed from mother to daughter within the households.

Aroma Therapy is
the art and practice of using essential oils extracted from aromatic plants and herbs to restore or enhance health, beauty and well-being. There are three ways in which it is used:
  • Topical
  • Inhalation
  • Oral
Aroma Therapy is used for a number of health related issues. Right from stress relieving to migraine, lung issues like asthma, to joint pains and so on. It in no way replaces the Allopathic medicine emergencies however it can be used in your day to day routine. It can be used to purify air and household impurities as well. Aroma Therapy works wonderfully in restoring chi which is the harmony, balance and positivity. 

Aromatherapy has become the alternative medicine of choice as it has that calming effect on our bodies and mind which is much needed in the hectic lifestyles we follow these days. The advantages of aromatherapy lies in the fact that the oils and scents used are pure and natural, and so its results are longer lasting and less damaging to the body. Aromatherapy also gives a sense of well being and good health. The knowledge and use of Aromatherapy is an ideal skill to acquire these days as people are realizing that being close to nature is very satisfying. The use of Aromatherapy will ensure a healthy life for your family and dear ones.

Introducing Aromatic oils in your daily life is quite easy and simple and it has its unique advantages. The best part about it is that you can experience the advantages of aromatherapy while in the comfort of your house.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Art with Sunayna

Touching Lives is an NGO that works out of Mumbai, India. This is at Borivali in Mumbai, India to be exact. It teaches the kids of Indira Nagar about moral values and has facilities for parallel education. It believes in action rather than just words. Touching Lives was initiated in 2002. It believes that life is a journey and that nothing can be stated as right or wrong. It brings about an alternative path of living for those who are in need. Hence it is not on an aggressive path to eradicate anything. It believes in being practical and hence in co-existence. Its principal is simple, it preaches that each one can reach out to another and hence be of help.

Sunayna is a volunteer there since 2007. As she mentions
It breaks her heart to see 8th std kids not being able to understand or talk in English and still pass English medium in BMC schools. Her personal aim is to make them capable to reach and pass SSC. You could visit to know more about them. She teaches them art and maths. She has started an initiative called Art with Sunayna. In this she makes earrings, greeting cards, coasters, frames and other products from upcycled paper. 20% of what she earns goes to Every year, Art with Sunayna conducts diya sale to raise funds for the NGO - from here the complete profit goes to the NGO. The sale would be held from her home. You can contact her at:

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tablet, Notebook Or A Laptop?

In order to be productive you need to be armed with good hardware like mobile phone, USB drives, laptops, software and so on. These have become our productivity tools that actually enable an increase in capacity and thereby our performance. There are many people who feel lost when they forget to take with them these little tools.

Today you need to decide if you want to have a tablet or a laptop. You need to make decision between categories before you even start to zero down on a brand. Is your usage more towards you requiring a tablet, notebook or a laptop. Many people are overwhelmed and hence making a choice becomes increasingly difficult. Add to this there are lots of accessories that you require to enable your hardware to work on optimum efficient level.

It is best if you have a neutral site that enables you to make an informed decision without being blasted by sales messages. Here you not only will get to understand if you should have a tablet, notebook or a laptop but you will be able to compare the functionality and prices between various brands that are available in the market. A one stop shop for most of your personal digital requirement.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Though A Freelancer - Think You Are In A Company

Many people think that the Freelancer can work and deliver the job whenever you want. What they need to know is that if this is the case then the Clients will start to look for some other resource. Freelancing can leave you feeling stressed and dismayed many a times. If time and energy is not managed well then you as the Freelance person will soon be in a messy situation. Inspite of being your own boss you will be left with absolutely no time, Clients will be dissatisfied and complaining and you will loose out on your credibility.

Start with a little discipline. Having a good schedule will enable you to maintain a good and healthy working life:
  • Work when you are most likely to generate quick and good output. If you are the type who can generate quality work at midnight then do so. If you are type who is an early riser then do your work in the early mornings. Plan in the way that you are best able to work well. Having said that do not compromise on the delivery quality and delivery time.
  • When you work out of your home it does not mean that you will have your breakfast and bath later. What this means is that have a regular discipline. Do your exercises and other things just the way a regular working, employed person would do. Have food on time. Have your night sleep properly unless there is some rush job and crises of workload that needs to be tackled overnight.
  • Your work environment is critical. It is best to have a fixed work area. Everyone in the house should be aware of your area. It is important that you have your infrastructure well in place. This way you will know where to go to work, others will know not to mess up your work area, and you will be comfortable without being distracted.
  • In an corporate environment you will be recognized for good work. It is imperative that you enjoy and pat yourself on your back when you accomplish a good output. Spread the word maintaining ethics though.
  • Avoid burning yourself. This way you will only be doodling away instead of working. You will end up being in a continuous state of stress and hence will be very negative with other persons.
  • Make it clear to people at home and your near and dear ones that you are working from home. It is not less that any other type of working when you would have been employed. You work time is to be respected by yourself and other persons as well.
  • Just because you are working from home and you are your own boss it does not mean that you become a scattered brain. You need to have records of your conversations with Clients, maintain reporting system, have a status report going to your Clients and so on. Work and document the jobs as you would have done in a company. 
These are some of the pointers. Share your points as well.
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nurturing Your Clients

Acquiring new Clients is not an easy task for many Freelancers. After acquiring them it is not easy to nurture them. Nurturing existing Clients is very beneficial: at one hand you tend to retain them and the other hand they will recommend you. What is good is that they themselves will increase your scope of work and will give you more work.

Having a good professional relationship is one of the nest way to retain your existing Clients and get more business as well. In order to nurture them you need to keep in mind the below:
  • Do not be argumentative unnecessarily:Arguing will not get you anywhere. The sad part about arguments is that it gets into ego clashes.
  • Appreciate and accept people for who they are: People work towards their day to survival. Appreciating people is showing them that you recognize a certain attribute that is on them / within them. Appreciating does not mean flattery. Flattery gets you nowhere. A genuine good word will be remembered. You will be held in high esteem if you give genuine appreciation to people around you. Add to this it motivates them to work harder. 
  • Stop complaining: Hearing your complains is not what people want to do. If you do have a genuine complain then see to it that you share voice this along with a solution. There is no use just complaining.
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