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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nurturing Your Clients

Acquiring new Clients is not an easy task for many Freelancers. After acquiring them it is not easy to nurture them. Nurturing existing Clients is very beneficial: at one hand you tend to retain them and the other hand they will recommend you. What is good is that they themselves will increase your scope of work and will give you more work.

Having a good professional relationship is one of the nest way to retain your existing Clients and get more business as well. In order to nurture them you need to keep in mind the below:
  • Do not be argumentative unnecessarily:Arguing will not get you anywhere. The sad part about arguments is that it gets into ego clashes.
  • Appreciate and accept people for who they are: People work towards their day to survival. Appreciating people is showing them that you recognize a certain attribute that is on them / within them. Appreciating does not mean flattery. Flattery gets you nowhere. A genuine good word will be remembered. You will be held in high esteem if you give genuine appreciation to people around you. Add to this it motivates them to work harder. 
  • Stop complaining: Hearing your complains is not what people want to do. If you do have a genuine complain then see to it that you share voice this along with a solution. There is no use just complaining.
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