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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Monday, October 10, 2011

Though A Freelancer - Think You Are In A Company

Many people think that the Freelancer can work and deliver the job whenever you want. What they need to know is that if this is the case then the Clients will start to look for some other resource. Freelancing can leave you feeling stressed and dismayed many a times. If time and energy is not managed well then you as the Freelance person will soon be in a messy situation. Inspite of being your own boss you will be left with absolutely no time, Clients will be dissatisfied and complaining and you will loose out on your credibility.

Start with a little discipline. Having a good schedule will enable you to maintain a good and healthy working life:
  • Work when you are most likely to generate quick and good output. If you are the type who can generate quality work at midnight then do so. If you are type who is an early riser then do your work in the early mornings. Plan in the way that you are best able to work well. Having said that do not compromise on the delivery quality and delivery time.
  • When you work out of your home it does not mean that you will have your breakfast and bath later. What this means is that have a regular discipline. Do your exercises and other things just the way a regular working, employed person would do. Have food on time. Have your night sleep properly unless there is some rush job and crises of workload that needs to be tackled overnight.
  • Your work environment is critical. It is best to have a fixed work area. Everyone in the house should be aware of your area. It is important that you have your infrastructure well in place. This way you will know where to go to work, others will know not to mess up your work area, and you will be comfortable without being distracted.
  • In an corporate environment you will be recognized for good work. It is imperative that you enjoy and pat yourself on your back when you accomplish a good output. Spread the word maintaining ethics though.
  • Avoid burning yourself. This way you will only be doodling away instead of working. You will end up being in a continuous state of stress and hence will be very negative with other persons.
  • Make it clear to people at home and your near and dear ones that you are working from home. It is not less that any other type of working when you would have been employed. You work time is to be respected by yourself and other persons as well.
  • Just because you are working from home and you are your own boss it does not mean that you become a scattered brain. You need to have records of your conversations with Clients, maintain reporting system, have a status report going to your Clients and so on. Work and document the jobs as you would have done in a company. 
These are some of the pointers. Share your points as well.
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