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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Freelancer Take Care Of Your Health

Sitting in front of your Laptop / Computer can make you physically weak and painful. Unfortunately you can end up sitting badly, eating wrong things at the wrong time, not being bothered with your other responsibility and add to all this you could be just a fix asset like your chair and table.
This is found more with people who work from home and are Freelance workers.
Here is a quick checklist that will enable you to understand what you might be doing wrong. If you want you can share this Post so that people who you think need help can be taken care of:
  • Take rest. Being a hard worker is good. Doing work to meet your Client requests is very good. Delivering work on time with good quality and value added is extremely beneficial to your credentials and reputation. However along with all this you need to give your mind, body and soul some rest. This does not mean that you neglect your work. What perhaps you need to know is that sleeping at the right time and waking up at the right time gives your entire mind, body and soul a good rejuvenation. You will be able to sustain your working time for long duration. Also a little nap in the afternoon is great too. A 15 minutes nap is going to do amazing rejuvenation for you.
  • Eat healthy. Eating at odd times is not really a great behaviour. Not eating is also bad. You need to refill your body 3 times. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are essential. Watch for the type of food that you take. Avoid fatty and unnecessary eating.
  • Spend time in your hobby. Do not feel guilty that you are taking time off to work towards your hobby. A little time devoted towards your hobby also works great for your health. This also enable you to bring in new and fresh ideas for your work.
  • Exercising is good. You need to have a schedule where you pull yourself out of your work and do a little 30 minutes of exercising.
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