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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Are You In The Middle Of Job Search?

Job search can become very hectic. It can be frustrating as you may not receive a great opportunity the minute you start your search. This is the reality of life. You will need to Market yourself so that the right people notice you. You need to be found on various Search Engines.  After you are found the person reading your Profile is to get value out of the Content so that they feel that you are the right candidate to be interviewed.

Here are couple of tips to keep you going:
  • First you need to set goals for yourself so that you get the feeling of accomplishment. This is important so that you do not feel frustrated. Set your goals like sending the email to a particular person in the company you aim to get yourself an interview and so on. Setting your goals will enable you to cross the bridge smoothly.
  • Next is that you will do a quick clean up of what you have got online. It is important that you are seen in the right light.
  • Have your achievements and recommendations in place and share the links in your Emails and Resumes. Maintain your Online Portfolio and remember to update it.
  • Network with right people. There is no harm in being transparent and letting the right people know you are looking around.
  • Join Online Communities and actively participate in discussion.
  • There is no harm in asking on why you are not suitable for a job post an interview has taken place.
  • While you search for your Job have a little hobby going on. Do not neglect your free time as this will cause you to worry. This will further lead you to get into a negative mindset. With the result you will be in a stress mode all the time.
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wondering Why You Are Not Able To Get Great Projects

You know you have all the talent it takes to be a good Freelance Professional. You have the skill and the experience. You have had great projects to show and you have good credibility. However you are still wondering as to why you are not able to get great projects on an ongoing basis. The reason is perhaps there are a couple of parameters that are not looked into.

Perhaps you need to consider these:

  • Firstly you need to keep in mind that your efforts are to be on an ongoing basis. This is irrespective if you have no Clients or have loads of work. 
  • Remember it takes time to procure new Clients.
  • Have a goal on weekly basis. This is critical. You will need to adhere to your weekly goals.
  • Have your Online identity in proper condition.
    • Check Google for instance and see what all is written about you and your work.
    • Check individual Social Media Searches and understand what is written about you and your work.
  • Once you have understood this see what your peers and competitors have done in a similar way.
  • Target your Clients appropriately. Join the right communities and forums online. Do a little checking on the profile of various members.
    • Provide valuable information on the forums that you join.
    • Do not start to advertise and propagate yourself and your work.
  • Make use of SEO and Keywords.
  • Make use of the Social Media Platform.
  • Remember to be authentic and ethical in your writings and online behavior.
  • Do not be anonymous.
  • Networking is extremely important.
  • Nurture your Clients

Monday, December 5, 2011

Why Should Your Business And Brand Blog

Blogging is a good way to express your ideas and make people know about you. You can get people to understand and interact with your thoughts. Blogging is also utilized by Business Houses and Brands as well. Blogging does bring value. You need to determine the value you want and Blog accordingly. While the common understanding is that if you Blog it makes it easier to be found - there is merit in this thinking. Blogging also enables several other benefits as well. Here are a couple of reasons for Business and Brands to Blog:
  • Naturally one of the reason is to be indexed onto Search Engines and get found. Thereby have traffic coming onto your Blog / Site / Social Media Page
  • A sense of belonging is what your Blogging can give you and your Team. Your people will feel good to have a regular write-up on your Blog. If you Post their matter then it is a great Human Resource effort. A Team spirit can be induced.  A sense of Pride also generates as your Blog gets popular and many people from outside of your Company interact.
  • Blogging creates an authentic perception for you, your Business and Brand. It makes people know about your knowledge span. It enables you to put things in a perspective. Many a times you may have an innovative idea or some thought that could work as a good disruption for discussion. This if put across clearly then you will see the magic of rewards coming your way.
  • Responsible Blogging which is consistent can get you a good level of people following you. They in turn could be your prospective Clients or could refer your contacts to other people.
  • Many a times a comment on your Blog could lead to great discussion involving other persons as well. It could be great beginning to your future lead generation. The comment can perhaps open up an idea for your next Post on your Blog.
Your turn - what is Blogging to you.

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