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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Types Of Platforms For Online Earnings

When you start off as a self earner on the net you could many a times be overwhelmed with what you come across. You will soon start to realize that there are couple of ways in which you can get occupied and start to see a little income opportunity.

Below am sharing on the types of programs that you will find on the net.

  • Ads on your Blogs: Here if your blog is robust and if you have lots of visitors and lots of people re-visiting your blog then you can start to have banner spaces on your blog. The advertisers would usually pay per click or the deal that you may strike.
  • Reviews of products and services and websites on your blogs: Business houses offer money for a brief post that talks about their product / site. This again would ideally take place on your high traffic blog.
  • Take part in online surveys: Today companies are craving to get an idea of what works with consumers. There are special survey sites that bring consumers like you and the brands together. They send you research questionnaire that if you fill you get paid for.
  • Affiliate marketing: This is similar to multilevel marketing that you will have seen in the brick and mortar world. You join this and sell the product add to this you recruit people under you also to sell as well. And, they in turn sell and get people under them. So there is double money one via your direct sales and the other a percentage commission from your down-line team.
  • Freelance writing: Here there are various types. For instance you can be a creative writer. Or a blog writer. Or a content writer for web site and so on.
  • Data entry: Companies have loads of forms to be filled. Data entry jobs are very much done across international borders due to time gap.
  • Pay to click: Pay per click are sites where you have to view various ads online and your account keeps receiving the information and adding the monies.
  • Uploading files: These sites encourage you to upload files and share the link. The more you participate the better is your earning.
  • And so on
Having shared the above what I want to bring across are two very crucial factors:

Factor One: There are millions of scams in these. Many will ask you for your money first. Many may not ask you for any money but after you complete work / task you may never receive your payment. Your email id will receive loads of scam spam emails.

Factor Two: There would be am sure sites that are genuine as well. However what is their payment. You need to check after doing what kind of task what is amount you will receive. The payment per task could be less than 0.20cents. If this is the case then imagine how much you need to compete to just get the minimum payout.

The question is - where is the money! Check before you start.

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