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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Friday, March 25, 2011

Your Work Culture And You

Having a conducive work culture requires lot of consistent work from the Human Resource [HR] Team. When your work culture is robust and strong people will genuinely have high spirits and will feel they belong to the community. However when the work culture is not too robust there will naturally be holes and hence people will start to slip out. The outcome: There will be smaller groups forming and hence separate sub-cultures will start to form. Breaking this may be difficult. One person cannot make or break a culture - ofcourse they can induce others though, and, create a collective effort.

It is hence very critical for offices and working spaces to have defined their work culture. It is critical that each person has the undertsanding very clearly. You cannot expect that the work cultures gets imbibed immediately - it takes time for a work culture to become a system and have people living by it.

There are two parts to work culture. One part is the fact that the culture framework is built and sketched out by the HR Persons. The second part is the fact that personalities within the organization build on. Now here is the catch: If people have similar attributes as per what the culture is designed then great - things will start to get enhanced in a positive way. This is the reason when you go for an interview it is important that not only the HR checks if you are the right fit but you too should check out and see for yourself if you want to be there.

The problem starts when misfitting takes place.

Building work culture and retaining it is a constant and consistent effort.

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