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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Are You Guilty Of Superseding?

When at work you will have seen one of your co-workers at work - superseding. What is superseding? Well it is replacing some other person with regards to authority and power. Superseding is done by one person to another and at times with aide from a third person [s]. It is usually the case when the executive goes to his / her super boss rather than the immediate boss. Super boss is the senior of the immediate boss.

Superseding is an amazing ego boost for the person who gains the authority and the one giving stands to be in good books with the person. Ofcouse it ends up being stress for the person who looses the authority.

At times it is essential to supersede for the executive when they are subjected to stress, undue pressure and general work dilemmas that boss may shower on them. However if
superseding is done with purpose to undermine the immediate boss then it is not to be encouraged.

Unfortunately the super boss many a times may turn a blind eye to the fact that the superseding that is taking place is not required. The reason being is that he / she herself would require ego boost. Under these circumstances the work culture starts to fall considerably. The super boss may take to the exit route and justify this behavior as calling his / her office an open door policy. The open door policy is technically a flat office structure wherein any level executive can walk up to the top guys to talk. Well hiding behind this is a monster that one will find difficult to tame later on.

The monster is none other than de-motivation. People soon start to see things and loose interest. The monster starts to crawl and dictate terms. Your work culture slacks. People start to get disinterested. Co-workers start to either supersede for their career growth or move out.

Superseding requires to be caught when it starts to happen. The best way is to have a discussion and the super boss requires to thrash things out openly. Transparency will earn a lot of respect and motivation will build.

Have you been guilty of superseding someone? Or have you been superseded? Or are you the top boss who encourages superseding? 

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