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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What Makes Your Writing Get Selected?

In the competitive world of freelancing you will have come across rejection many a times. This takes place everywhere. This takes place in the corporate world as well. From the many facets of our lives one space where you do have control is the material that you produce. For instance if you are a writer then your writing is what you can control.

You need to submit flawless, polished documents. There is no getting away from this. And, there is no second chance as well. Your writing creates impression about you and this is the first and last time - no second chances. However writing jobs are time bound. They cannot be kept forever. Your Client wants something and yes you do need to provide this on early basis. This creates a lot of demand on your time which could lead to typos and typical errors.

The solution? Create a regime, have a revision system and stick to it.
Here are simple tips to enable you to write a little better:
  • Start ahead and beforehand. The secret to consistently catching your mistakes is to know exactly what those mistakes are. You know where you slack normally. Keep that in mind and attend to this.
  • Today with technology you can run a quick spelling and grammar checks.
  • Many a times moving away from your desk works. Ofcourse I am not saying keep loitering around and do nothing. But here is the secret - think more rather than penning more. Plan well. Understand the focus of your writing and then pen it.
  • Reading aloud works a lot. Yes, you will concentrate and actually be able to check on simple mistakes of grammar and spelling. What's more when you read aloud you end up knowing if your writing is making sense and delivering the correct appropriate information.
Your turn - what is your secrete to good writing?

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