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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Friday, April 15, 2011

Requesting For Quotes And Proposals - It Is Urgent

In business most of the time your life depends on quotes and proposals being sanctioned and approved. Hence this becomes almost a pre-dominant criteria. The moment you are advised to submit a quote you are all too happy and you start to become positive / optimistic and hope that your proposal gets though. I would agree with this - why not, after all your bottom line needs to move upwards and for this you need business and hence quotes and proposals take us there.

Now lets take a look at the other party who wants the quotes and proposals - all too urgently. The scene looks like this - that their company may just about close if you do not revert quickly. What have you experienced? Many a times they are all too keen and infact very keen for your quote and proposal. They have given you the brief in the best possible manner that they think they could and now you are to make your way, understand it and give a solution. Your quote is to be competitive in price, great in thought and quality.

So you go all out send off the quote and then are waiting for the answer. The answer. Where is the answer. Somehow the quote is too high. Sometimes they are busy and hence could not go through the once super urgent requested quote. And then your process of calls start. The super urgent quote is now on an executive's table who has no time to look at it.

What do you do? Well screaming may make them go away. So you hold your anger and make repeated gentle reminders. And, you continue these, till perhaps your once very keen client finally says that we need to stop. Or your very optimistic hopeful self tells you to move on.

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