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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Monday, April 25, 2011

How To Be Creditable As Online Freelance Person

You could be a freelance person who could be helping your Clients with various services like:
  • Article writing
  • Resume writing
  • Copy Writing
  • Blogging
  • Content writing
  • Designing marketing and advertising co-laterals like websites, brochures and so on
  • Technical help with application building, software and so on
  • And much other services
Working as a freelance person could be tedious. You may have already faced or you could be still facing people questioning you on your credibility. This takes place specially when you and your prospective Client meet online and both of you have not seen, met or heard of each other before. Naturally, if people are looking at employing your services then they do need to know if you are genuine. The reason being is that many people have faced severe stress with freelance persons. There have been instances where freelancers have behaved highhandedly and have not responded to Client requests. The perception has been built as freelancer being lethargic, have their own agenda, working on their own timing and so on. The perception is thankfully changing. 

Lets understand what is credibility: In simple terms credibility is being capable of being believed, believable. Worthy of being trusted, trustworthy. People have confidence in you. Thus they believe in what you share, mention claim and so on.

People look out for your online reputation. They search and read through about things that you may have posted and what others may have posted about you. The more easily your information is available, the transparent you are the better your credibility status goes. Apart from this what you need to keep in mind is the way you behave online. This is critical. What words you type, what you share are all part of making an image about you. For starters search your own name online say on and see where you stand.

For you to be recognized in good light you need to build credibility for yourself as first step. Before you start to build your credibility you need to be clear where are you building it. Since you are a freelance person who hopes to be found online you naturally need to build your credibility on the net.

There are a couple of steps shared below that could help you in developing online credibility for yourself. You need to keep in mind that this is an ongoing process.
  • Complete Profile: When you put up your services on sites where prospective employers meet freelance persons see to it that you have a complete profile. Put your real photo, real experience and real information. Complete the entire profile don't leave it half finished.
  • Respond: Internet is open to all 24hours all of 365days of the year. Ofcourse it is not feasible to be online through-out the time. However you need to know that your response time should be quick. You cannot ignore or postpone responding. You need to pre-decide on what kind of comments will you react to and which perhaps you may choose to let go. You need to have your framework in your mind. The reason being is that when there are some aggressive comments you cannot afford to re-act in an impulsive manner. You may hamper your online reputation greatly if you revert and react impulsively.
  • Genuine: This is one of the greatest fallacies taking place. Many a times you will come across people offering their service having no photos, no real name and so on. Am sure there are reasons to hide one's true self specially if you are employed and cannot work as freelance person. If you intend to make your freelance as your career and are hoping to get good opportunities then be open and genuine. People wish to do business with people not with fakes, not with pseudo names not with email ids that are '' type.
  • Recommendations: People who are recommended and recognized by peers, colleagues and clients always stand a better chance. If your work is good showcase it. Put it up. Give a link to people to view your work and read the recommendations.  
  • Share Your Knowledge: You know something in your field? You can solve problems related to your field? You got some experience / understanding / knowledge? Then go on put up a Blog. Write your content. Don't give up half way again this will not hold good in the long run. You can also set up your Business Page on Facebook. For Blog and Facebook think twice. If you cannot keep your Pages active and alive then don't start.
You will need to be consistent and update your information on an ongoing basis.

So, how have you built your credibility online? Share your inputs here.

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Getting A Freelance Writing Job

Getting a freelance job in the online world could be tough for many. There is no doubting your passion and skill set. The question is where to start. Online freelance writing could be great income source for newbies and for experienced professionals.

So where do you start?
  • Firstly be focused. You need to decide on what category you will write. Take things that interest you. Take things that you understand properly. 
  • Start writing don't wait for a professional opportunity. Make a blog on for instance and start to write. This can be clearly your portfolio.
  • The first obvious step is search from Get onto top ranking job sites so that your resume gets exposed to many companies.
  • Apply to membership and writing forums online. Here you get many persons in the forum who actually help, share links and so on.
  • Finally register on ezine sites so that your writing gets exposure and you can draw people to your blog as well. 

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