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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How To Network So That You Get Freelance Work

After you have decided on what you want to do as a Freelancer you need to market yourself. For many Freelancers marketing is a tedious and an overwhelming task. It becomes even more difficult if by nature you are little inward and not too outgoing types. Don't worry here is a way out though. Follow the below easy steps and you should be on your way to a successful networking zone:

  • Family And Friends: We all have someone we know. We could know people due to long time school and college days. We could know people due to the jobs that we have done. We could be having near and far family members. There would be your neighbors as well. Thankfully these days with Social Media Networking we have people online as well. What's more if you are playing games on Facebook say for instance Mafia Wars and so on then you have strangers as friends as well. You could start here. Inform your friends and family on what you are into. Send them samples of what you do, these samples should be something that they can understand and be able to talk to others. Ask them if they or anyone they know need your services. There is nothing wrong in asking. Ask and you shall find. Keep sharing with them occasionally on what you do. Remember out of sight is out of mind. At the same time don't over communicate and make them burdened with your matter.
  • Join Forums And Social Sites: These days practically each industry and profession has its own forum, blogs, Social Media sites and so on. Join these. After joining these be active on them. Merely joining them does not have any merit. You need to do a couple of things online. First have your profile page properly filled with your real photo, details and experience. No doubt on the net there is no need to give your address as it is risky as well, however you can definitely give other details. You do need to come across as authentic. It is very critical to be seen as authentic. People want to do business with people not with robots or anonymous strangers. Remember you will be connecting with people who are going to put in their money. The moment you will create any sort of doubt you will loose your chance on the spot.
  • Build Yourself As A Brand: You need to have a space where you write explicitly about your talent and skill. You need to share on what you bring to the table. Ideally you should have a Blog. Blogging is an amazing way to be found online. There is no substitute to Blogging. Slowly develop your Brand. Talk and share your experience, solve problem, let people comment and then you respond. Read more on credibility here: How To Be Creditable As Online Freelance Person
So go on! Be open and network! All the best!

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