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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Thursday, April 28, 2011

As A Freelancer Don't Be Anonymous

As a Freelance professional you would often be looking around for work. There are two essentials that you would be consistent at: One is doing the task and going beyond your Client expectations. The other is consistently marketing yourself and your Freelance services.

Clients and Business Houses require that they have people whom they can rely on. They need people who will deliver what is agreed upon. Outsourcing a Freelancer is a business decision that they take. Having taken this decision, they would like to know and be sure as to with whom they are working with. For this you as a Freelance person need to build yourself a reputation. You need to be recognized. People do business with people. Not with a fictitious unidentified anonymous entity with no genuine character and no demonstration of responsibility

What is reputation:
Reputation essentially is the estimation and image that people hold you in. Usually reputation is built and ruined by your own doing / not doings. Normally people think that it is others who can make your reputation however while others will be the ones to verbalize and give it a form, it is essentially built on what you as a person and as a professional have done. The platform and the base is you, your attitude and behavior and what you give out as service / product.

Essential problem with Freelancers:
Go to any freelance job website. Search through the names of Freelance persons. What is it that you see. Mostly you will notice that people do not give out their true names. Neither their personal profile photo. Why would you hide? One of the main reason is because you could be employed elsewhere and you would not want your employer to find you out. Perhaps your doing freelance would be against the rules of the company that you would be employed in. These persons would be part time Freelancers. Lets leave this part aside. If you are a full time Freelance person
then there is no need to hide behind a fictitious identity. Would you invest in a person or company that had no name and no face to it? Specially in the online world?

Respect From Clients:
When you remain anonymous and if by chance you do manage to get yourself a Client how do you think will you be treated? Just a fictitious name and no identity makes them also not really know what to expect and how much to trust. They will be all the time down your neck checking on the work status. I definitely do not blame them for this behavior. They will outsource to you just hourly based short term project. 

Your reputation gets built by by what you do and what you do not do. Build a reputation for yourself. To do this you cannot afford to be anonymous. When you are anonymous you cannot build yourself as a Brand. You will not have character and people will not know you.
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