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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Befriending Your Target Audience

People like to interact with other people. They like it when they are understood and heard. Here are simple pointers that make us realize how to connect with people who form our most important circle our target audience.
  • Tone: When you speak with someone say for instance your friend you do recognize in what tonality you talk. Your tone comes naturally and you both have respect for each other. This respect is not only unconscious but gets visible time and again when you both communicate with each other.
  • Simple lucid language: When you talk with friends you do not use words which require referring to thesaurus and dictionary. Similarly please use easy local words which many people understand and can comprehend.
  • Recognize: Just like friends, your target audience will feel good if you recollect a previous conversation and address it. When you meet your friends don't you try to catch up from where you left your last talks? Similarly why approach the people in your target audience as strangers each time. If they are regular commentators on your blog or Social Media page then recognize them. 
  • Listening: This is a critical skill to have. It does not matter where you are or with whom you are. You need to be a good listener who can comprehend and paraphrase the same.
  • Empathy: You need to relate to them. Be human and relevant. If they have shared a problem which is within the preview of your page / blog then do make it a point to offer genuine help.
  • Transparency: It goes without saying that a relationship based on transparency and trust goes a long way. Similarly have an open communication with your target audience. Be mature enough to accept a problem or complain and address it.
A word of caution: Befriending does not mean that you start to cross over and use slang or start to move away from the reason why your page or blog exists. You need not go overboard. However this is not be taken to such an extent and crossed limits. You may get away with little negative behavior with your friends [though you should avoid it], however your negative behavior with your target audience can lead them to leave you - and leave you very fast.

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