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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Monday, May 9, 2011

Earn By Being An Article Writer

Online Article writing is one of the most sought after feature for many business houses. Article writing requires that you follow a formal structure. When your reader is going through your Article you have very little time to make them do a particular action. Due to this reason Articles are usually written between 400 to 750 words. The patience level of your target audiences in the online world is very limited. Lengthy Articles will not hold and will not be able to retain the attention level.

As an Article writer you will get projects that sometimes require you to re-write an existing Article and at other times you will be asked to create a completely new Article.

What you need to know to write an Article:
  • As first step focus and be clear about the brief. Don't start to write immediately. Let incubation of the thought take place.
  • Let your thoughts get focused. It is important that you have a single thought per Article.
  • Use simple lucid language. Make it simple for your readers to go through your article quickly.
  • Try to have bullet points so that it is easy to follow.
Articles help your client's blog and websites to have a back-link. They are found in search engines. You can submit your Articles at special websites that are specially created for Articles on various industries and subjects. These spaces on the net have a lot of traffic as they have a plethora of information on various subjects. Here you can contribute your Articles. Keep in mind to read their instructions and guidelines properly.

Keep to your Article subject. So go on and pitch for Article writing!

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How To Earn From Your Blog

Many a times you may have wondered as to how you can earn from your Blog. There are various platforms that enable you to have free Blogs hosted. They are totally free of cost. Blogs can enable you to earn and make yourself some money. However please note that this is not an overnight get rich formula. You are required to work on your Blog posts on almost on daily basis.

Traffic on your Blog directly relates to your earning: 
Before I share on how you can earn from your Blog let us first understand on how to maintain your Blog. Your earning will totally depend on the health of your Blog. If there is more traffic / visitors on your Blog then there is a high probability of you earning. If there is low or no traffic then naturally you do not get to earn. So you need to know on how to gain more traffic to your Blog. Do read: Myths On Earning Money Online

Make a note on what you should do with your Blog so that you could get good traffic:

  • Firstly you need to understand that Blogging requires time and effort. Getting traffic on your Blog is a very organic process. It is not an overnight get rich process. There is no use getting traffic over night. These packages are available by scammers usually. You need the right target audience / visitors. You need them to re-visit you. This is critical that your traffic / visitors revisit your blog.

  • First focus and decide on what you will blog about. Decide on the topic / subject. You require a topic that you can write on a continuous and consistent basis. Best is to have the topic which you understand and can write easily.

  • You need to express yourself vividly which your reader can comprehend and find easy to understand.

  • You need to post on atleast one post a day on daily basis. If this is not feasible have four posts each week every week. You need to have your blog updated and consistently having good posts.

  • Once you have decided and are sure about your topic, the next step is to know and decide upon your keywords. Key words are very crucial. You need to do a key word research and know what people search for. This is the most critical factor.

  • Do make a point to read this: Ethics Of Blogging

  • Do a quick read of: How To Write Your Post

Below are ways that could enable you to earn from your Blog:

  • Firstly you need to adhere to what is shared above in 'Make a note on what you should do with your Blog so that you get good traffic'

  • Earning from your blog could be done via four methods essentially: affiliate banners, sponsored reviews, Google AdSense and banner ads.

    • Affiliate Banners: This is a well known way to earn. What you require to is connect with business houses or affiliate websites. The affiliate websites would enable you to connect with business houses that are on the lookout for affiliates. Once you decide and are recruited as an affiliate you need to do two things. At one level put a blog post about the link of affiliate and second part is put up the affiliate banner.  As an affiliate you get paid for achieving pre-decided goals. The goals could be achieving sales or driving traffic to their website and so on.  You get paid at a fixed or variable price. You could be rewarded by means of sweepstakes, gifts or discounts. Some affiliates that pay are: Sponsored reviews and Check out the market space!

    • Banner ads: Advertisement banners are given to you either directly by business houses or the ad networks. You could earn by cost per click or the cost per impression method. If your blog generates very high targeted traffic then you could earn via the cost per impression method.

    • Google AdSense: This is brought to you by the Google Inc. You earn from the ads displayed in the AdSense. The method of earning is pay per click method. More information is here:  How To Use AdSense To Earn Money

    • Sponsored reviews: The customers / target audiences of various business houses and companies use Social Media for personal and business reasons. If they have a complaint with regards to a product or service a prompt Tweet and Post takes place. Due to this reason companies are more than happy if you could write for them a healthy and honest review. Here the earning is per review. This is good money. When you will give honest review then you will be given more projects. Do not be too critical nor too much of praising. You can try this here: Sponsored reviews If you require more information read here: If You Have A Blog - Go On And Earn! At Sponsored Reviews

So go on, write your blog. Keep posting.

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