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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sustaining Your Blogging Audience

When you think of writing what is it that you can best write about? Well try to answer this and you will know what am talking about. As bloggers many a times we face the mental block. The typically known as the writer's block. In order to keep your blogging going you need to select subjects and information that interest you. However it cannot be that you turn it into rantings and don't give meaning to what you are saying. The reason being is that when you just write for yourself you will end up getting no one to read your writing.

So, while you do pick the topics that interest you - you need to keep in mind the reader, your target audience and write in a the way and manner that interest them. You need to be relevant to them and enable them to see a meaning and reason to at one level read what you have written and at another level to re-visit you.

Yes the second part is crucial. Why should your reader come back again? If your writing has triggered an emotional connect with them then best rest assured they will come back to you.

For this to take place you need to start to identify and understand who is your target audience. What is it that they seek. What is relevant to them in their lifestyle and so on.

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