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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How To Market Your Freelance Services

As a Freelance Professional you need to be able to Market yourself such that your Services / Products are known and people are inclined to buy. People like to know they are dealing with people and not robots and anonymous identities. Many a times you will notice that Freelance persons do not give out their true identities and photos [image uploaded onto their profile pages]. There would be many reasons to this. For example they could be employed elsewhere and hence it may be against the company rules to do Freelance jobs and so on. Let us leave these exceptions out. If you are pursuing a full time career as a Freelance Professional it is imperative to let people know who you really are. Your Clients would like to deal with people who they can trust and contact when required. This is especially true in the world of online marketing.
  • Hence as first step try to be yourself - put yourself upfront. The advantages are innumerable. When you do this you can share upfront your real credentials. You may have a past record of working at various organizations. You can share this information openly. This will add to your creditability. If at all people have have given recommendations and put in a positive word for you on LinkedIn for instance you will be able to share this openly. People who are considering to employ your Freelance Services or buy your Product will be more connected with you and hence will have reduced doubts about your integrity.
  • Complete your profiles. Wherever you have put up your offer see to it that your profile pages have proper details. Ofcourse on the internet you do need to be careful about giving your address and such details however try to give what is required. For instance your name, qualifications, your LinkedIn profile link, your Facebook link [if you have maintained a professional page], your contact and so on. A complete profile is very useful. When people do online search - a completed and updated profile works out to be advantageous. Have your own professional photo. This will get people relating to you. Take time out check each of your Social Media Sites where you will have put your name, try to complete as many parameters as feasible on your profile pages.
  • Write a Blog. If you want to market yourself in the online world it is crucial that people get a taste of your expertise. Write your knowledge. Write what you know. Write and answer people as they put in their comments. Write about your Service / Product. Try to share what people can understand.
  • Use Social Media platforms like Facebook Pages to showcase your experience and to procure a Community. This will be one of the greatest assets that you can work towards. Your Community requires to be nurtured and taken care of. Remember to answer queries and make it a point to share genuine honest information. If your Community is satisfied and has got a positive understanding about your offering then they in turn will be best ambassadors. When they will recommend you it will be more believable and trustworthy. Their network will believe them and be more familiar and comfortable with you.  
  • Use keywords effectively. Do a little search and understand which keywords are to be used. Use this carefully on your Blog, Social Media Sites and so on.
  • Join Freelance Market Sites. For instance freelancer site for offering services and products. Freelance sites are spaces where you as Freelance person can put up what you are offering. These spaces are frequently sought after as and when people require a project to be done.
  • Additionally you need to let people around you know about your Freelance venture. Talk with your family, friends and online network persons as well. How To Network So That You Get Freelance Work
  • Have a template which is used whenever you send off an email, or meet someone [SMS], or when you put a comment on any forums etc. This way it is easy for you to insert this in your busy schedule and you maintain same information across.
  • Consistency is important. Do not give up when things are not moving. Remember what you write today on the internet will stay for a long time to come - this is a huge advantage for you.
There is lots you could do in the online world to market yourself. Share some of your thoughts here.

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