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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Friday, July 15, 2011

Pointers For Your Resume As A Freelance Blogger

One of the ways to market yourself as a Blogger is by building a robust resume. As a Freelance Blogger your resume needs to hold value. Your resume needs to have certain pointers so that your prospective Client can know you and understand your capabilities.
  • Firstly your resume is to be online. It is important that you maintain your profile online. This is obvious - you plan to be known as an online Blogger hence the first natural route is to be online.
  • Being a Blogger you will ensure that your writing and the work done by you for your Client is picked easily by search engines. Having said this you need to use the Keywords in a way and manner such that your resume itself is a proof of your capacity in using Keywords.
  • As a Blogger you know that Links play an important role in SEO. Your resume should have good and intelligent use of Links. Have active Links to your Blogs, Social Media Profiles, Work Examples and so on.
  • Have your work screen shots captured. Have your resume pointing towards them. Show how you tackled an issue. Showcase how your inputs created a great conversation and engagement.
  • If you have got recommendations and testimonials then do point your resume towards the same. LinkedIn is a great space for procuring recommendations. Share this link via your resume.
  • Brand awareness is another important criteria. When a Client empowers you to do Blogging for them - it is critical that you understand what is a Brand. You need to write within the preview of the Brand Personality so as to build the appropriate Brand Identity. Hence you need to share and demonstrate your understanding about this aspect in your resume itself.
These are basic tactics that one may miss out in daily life. Try these and share your experience.

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