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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Important Points For Sponsored Reviews

Earning from Blogs requires your time, energy and dedication. There are mainly two ways to earn from your Blog: one is that you could look at a residual income. The second way is to work towards an active income method. In this Post I will share a little on the second method. One of the main ways in which people do earn via their Blogs is through Sponsored Reviews Business. In this format you have lots of Companies / Brands / Businesses looking out for Freelancers like you to write a review on your Blog.

There are exclusive site that enable the Companies / Advertisers to meet Freelancers like yourself. What you need to do is register free of cost with these sites as Publisher and then look around on the sites for the Advertisers. Usually a bidding process takes place, and if the Advertiser is ok with your cost then you can go ahead with the job. The sites have in-depth steps on how you should go about the task. 

While this is a great way to earn - you need to remember that your Blog needs to meet the site's requirement. Here you have Advertisers who would be looking at procuring write-ups for their Brand / Business.

This method is advantageous for the Advertisers as well. They get a good spread of their message across the internet. This is part of their Marketing effort. It gets them more traffic.

A site that is preferred and has received many good reviews is Sponsored Reviews. You could start with this and see the results. It will be great if you could share your results and experience here.

If you wish to join Sponsored Reviews your Blog requires to be at a certain level:
  • The very first line of instructions states that if you do not match the requirements on the site then your account may stand a chance of being suspended. Hence before you submit your Blog to earn on this site do remember to meet the site's requirements.
  • You are to have atleast 10 non - paid - posts with 200 words of unique content.
  • Your Blog is to be minimum 3 months old. Do not submit if it is less than this.
  • Always remember to have majority of posts non paid.
  • Your Blog is to remain active all through out the time when you are looking for Business from this site.
  • In order to maintain your account you will require to keep yourself away from plagiarism, auto blogging / posting, having lots of people posting like a free for all community blogging and so on. There is a definite requirement to be authentic on what you write.
  • If your Blog is not having good traffic then there are huge chances of it being rejected. Good traffic means genuine traffic not paid.
  • When you price your Blog for the Advertisers remember to price in a reasonable way. An overpriced Blog may loose out.
This site has a good Customer Service persons who answer your queries quickly. So go on and try this:  Sponsored Reviews

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