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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Friday, August 5, 2011

Branding Knowledge Is Important For A Writer

When you write for your Clients it is important that you understand the Brand for which you are writing. The size of the Business does not matter. Establishing a Brand is an ongoing process. It is to be followed and pursued at every stage. Infact before you key in your first write-up you need to be sure on what is the tone of voice that you are to use.

You will need to maintain your tone of voice at all times - when you are praised and when there are aggressive negative Comments. It is essential that the Brand Personality is maintained at all times. You need to understand that your Target Audience / Customer comes in contact with your Brand at many Touch Points like TV., Radio, Print Ads and so on.
The space where your writing will be released is one of the many Touch Points. Hence your writing is to be in-sync with the rest of the Brand Personality.

Your writing is one more extension of the Brand Personality.

A couple of parameters that you may want to consider while collaborating with your Client on the Brand Personality are:
  • Consider what your Client's Competitors are doing. Check this out. It is important that you are in the know of what your Competition is writing with regards to Content, Tone, Frequency and so on.
  • You need to be very clear on your Target Audience mindset. How do they relate to the space where your writing gets released, how do they regard the category in which your Client has their Business, how do they look at your Client's Brand and so on. 
  • Branding is about visual, audio and text. Hence get a good visual logo to your Brand as well as a great descriptor.
  • Consistency is the key to all Branding. If you are Consistent then people will relate to you as they start to get familiar.
  • Feedback monitoring is a must. If you can monitor the Comments and other types of Feedback then you will know where your Brand is and where should it go.
There is lots more to Branding, the above could be your initial quick pointers. Your turn how do you look at Branding?

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