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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Thursday, August 25, 2011

How To Collect Email Ids

There are various reasons for you to Blog. Once such reason is to market your Freelance Services and to earn online. One of the ways to market yourself is by sending personalized emails to your Community. Emails are best accepted, received and acknowledged when the recipient themselves have no problem in receiving them. If your recipient has agreed to receive email from your end then you know that they could be your prospective Clients. For this purpose having an opt-in email system is critical.

An opt-in email service will enable you to send emails to people who are willing to receive information from your end via emails. In order to collect email ids below are couple of tips that could show you on how to collect email ids / addresses:
  • Have a Blog contest. While enrolling for your contest one of the criteria would be to share email address so that they can receive contest related notification, if any.
  • Ask and you shall get is not a wrong saying. Many a times by merely asking for email ids you could end up receiving lots of email addresses.
  • Go onto your Social Media platforms and ask there as well. Use your Social Media platform to enable and mobilize your email collection drive.
  • The most obvious and simple method is have an email submission plug-in.
These are couple of ideas to collect honestly and openly email address. When you will apply these ideas you would not be spamming as the person had willing submitted their email ides.

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