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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Friday, November 25, 2011

Blog Post Quick Checklist

Before you publish your Blog Post and send it live for the online universe it would be great if you could do a quick check on what you want to share. Here is a checklist that you may want to save. Check your Post before you send them live. Here is your checklist:
  • Spellings and grammar. This is critical. See that your spellings are in tact. Check your grammar.
  • Check if your images are well placed. See that your matter does not look odd or congested. In order for your to be in good Search Engines Ranking it is advisable to have your image properly named. Not as image1, image2 and so on. Have the name as per the Keywords so that this adds to your SEO. 
  • HTML, MetaTags, Title, Headline and so on should be adhering to Keywords that you wish to rest your Post on. It is important that you research and do proper homework of the relevant keywords.
  • Links form an important method of relation well with the Search Engines. Try to have a Link with your past archive. Do not do this force-ably.
  • Category and Tags are critical. It is the categorization and tagging the enables the Search Engines to index your matter in the right manner. 
Your turn - Share your tips!

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