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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Writers Block - A 10 Minute Break Is Better Than Wasting 2 Hours

Writers block. This is what you will be facing many a times when you have to complete a write up. This is a very normal situation and recognizing this is your first step towards tackling your situation. 

You will face this when you are just about to tart to write. Once you manage to tackle this frame of mind you will then be proceeding quickly. The way to go about this is by understanding and accepting it rather than getting frustrated and panic about it. The pressure to complete and deliver work would be immense still you will need to have a little tolerance.

If you go back and think you will have faced this situation many a times. What you need to realize and be sure about is that this situation gets tackled and you will surely move on to write an amazing piece of copy.

Do not hesitate to move away from your computer. A 10 minute break will be better than you trying to figure out what to write for next two hours and wasting precious time. Avoid going in circles. Just cut out of it and do something else.

Walking away from your computer works very well for many people. This way your mind gets refreshed and you can re-look at what you need to do a little later.

When you come back you need to pen down whatever comes to your mind. Do not worry about the structure at initial stage itself.

Sometimes you may see that you were writing and then suddenly you have drawn a blank. Again just do what is shared above.

Your turn - did this work for you?

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