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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Thursday, June 7, 2012

How To Eat Smart

We usually worry about what to eat and what not to eat. If you are not under any medical instructions then it is best to eat things that you enjoy in limited quantity. Having said this you would need to concentrate on 'complete nutrition'. There are lots of food that can create a little havoc in your health. Similarly there are healthy food as well.

Eating Healthy should be your life long goal. It is not a crash diet that you do for a month and then return back to your regular routine. It about maintenance and staying Healthy. This way you will enable yourself to have a better energy level. So, how does one have a good Nutritional Diet?

Well it all starts in your mind. First you will need to check if you have the determination to follow a disciplined lifestyle. You need to do the below as a starting Point:
  • Write down what you really like to eat. Next to it mention if you over-eat the same. 
  • Then write down what you do not like to eat and mention how many morsels of this can you eat.
  • Now here is the catch - can you eat less of what you really like to eat. Do not abstain from eating however eat less.
  • Think of small portions. 
  • Start slow and then keep up the pace.
  • Chew you food thoroughly.
  • Eat before you start to get terribly hungry.
  • Remember eating small potion over every few hours is better than having an overfilled tummy at one particular meal.
  • See your food when you eat. Do not get engrossed in TV and continue to munch.
  • Remember your tummy will inform your brain that it is full after 10 minutes. Now think how much more you have eaten.
So what is your action plan?
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