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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Sunday, June 9, 2013

What Is Google Keep

Recently Google launched the new application called Google Keep. In short Google Keep is a note jotting application. It is a Note Pad. 

Google Keep supports Notes, Checklists, Voice and Picture. This means that if you want to quickly click a picture and add to it a quick note you can do this. Your notes could be ether typed or recorded voice. 

The good part is that it has a Web based space and it has applications for your cell phones and tablets. This means that no matter what hardware and internet connectivity you use - you will be insync with your Notes, Tasks etc. 

The application is good to the eyes, can be understood quickly and can be used when you are at home, travelling, in party, at office and so on. 

Go onto googlekeep and check out. Since it is Google - you will be using the single sign in facility. You need not register. Your Google Keep is already awaiting you!

A handy tool. Do you use it?

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Your First Steps To Starting An OnLine Business

With most of the persons online you do get a thought as to why not start your own OnLine Business.

There are many Businesses that start with lots of enthusiasm and then over a short period of time they shut down. This is an unfortunate situation.  However if proper thought is not put into the Business Set-up and plan then the shut down is a natural course that one may have to take. 

If you plan to start your Online Internet based Business then there are 2 Questions you need to answer:
  1. Why should people come to your Site
  2. If they do come on your Site, then, why should they repeat their visit to your Site

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Monday, June 3, 2013

What Is Rippln? Your Rippln Invitation

A tech company has commenced a new project. The concept is simple and trendy. You or anyone with a cell phone will be able to work through this. The good part is that while you share various Apps / Applications with your colleagues, family and friends you get to earn by just sharing the various applications. These will be conveyed to you from the company time to time.

The company is making ripples in the OnLine Social Media world. 

The Concept:
You merely have to leverage your Social Network of friends, family and peers. And, earn profits. Have you heard of the Social Media Rating Platform called Klout? This entire system works on similar logic and parameters. Just like in Klout where you can integrate all your Social Media Networks into one service and then the Klout account of yours enable you to see  your score between 0 and 100. Te more influential you are the more Social Media Space you achieve. Sometimes you can qualify for perks from various companies based on the topics that you are influential about. This would be over and above your normal cash earning. 

This is one space that will give you money for your influence and contacts that you have built. When you will have your downline you earn from their earnings as well. And, so can they earn from their downlines as well. 

What will you have to share?:
You will be given Android:
Web Services
And so on. 
All matter that Cell Phone users and Tablet Users would download and use!

If you are asking 'Can people make money with this?' 'Real actual money sent to bank?' The answer to that is 'yes', people do have the ability to make money with this program. It is a choice that anyone can make and no one is required to do so.  You can join free, remain free and just see how far your ripple goes. Email here for your free invite: 
Step 1A: Send email to:
Step 1B: Mention In Subject Line 'Please Send Me The Rippln Invite' 
Step 1C: Mention Your First Name:
Step 1D: Mention Your Last Name:
Step 1E: Mention Your EMail Address:
Step 2: Once You Receive The Invite You Need To Accept It Within A Couple Of Hours As It Expires Later On. After A Couple Of Hours You Will Not Be Able To Use The Invite. 
Step 3: Once You Join You In Turn Are To Invite 5 Persons.
Step 4: Again You Need To Inform Your Persons To Quickly Accept The Invite That You Send To Them.
Step 5: Study The OnLine DashBoard That You Receive Automatically Once You Accept The Invite. 

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