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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Setting Up Your Blog So That You Can Earn

Hope your OnLine time is fruitful. The time you spend is valuable. This Post is going to give you a brief synopsis on how your Blog will get you a basic income. This information is not a 'one time set-up and forget'. 

The steps to take before you receive a single penny:

Select The Topic To Blog: This is one of the most important task. You need to first consider what are the various Topics that you can 'write' and 'express' yourself with. This Topic should be such that you are genuinely interested in. Remember this is the Topic you will be writing practically most part of your life. What this means is that you need to sustain the Topic in pressure times and when you feel you have run out of information on the Topic. 

Set Your Objectives And Measuring Matrix: When you plan on a Topic you also need to have a set of Objectives to achieve. This is the best time to finalize on how you will measure your achievement  What Parameters will you go by to measure if you have achieved your Objectives. 

KeyWords: Make it a point to check out the KeyWords that you are supposed to utilize. It is imperative to have your KeyWords used well. This is one of the main parameter for your Search Engine Ranking. 

Competitor And Your Industry: Additionally try to find out your Industry KeyWords utilized and from this what your Competitors are using. Do not do KeyWord stuffing - this will work against you and your Blog. Check out what is happening in your Industry. 

Audience Mindset: Understand the Audience Mindset. Get to know who they are. Where they are. What is it that they seek from your Blog. What is their emotional understanding of the Internet. How do they relate to your Competitors and your Industry.

Setting Up A Blog: Now go about Setting up your Blog. After the first Two Parameters your Blog Set-up process should be done. The reason being that when you set up your Blog you need to reserve your URL and Blog Title. This can be done if you have completed your above two processes. Set up a Blog on a well known platform like, WordPress and so on. 

Establishing Your Blog: It is important to start writing. Initially you may feel you are doing a monologue. Many a times people have to wait over 6 months to a year before they see any result of Traffic. That is why you need to start and then most important is to stick on. Do not give up. Your Blog will take off just do not give up. Post atleast 3 times a week. Check out when is the best time and day to Post on your Blog. This is when you get to know your Audience. 

Nurturing Your Blog: Remember to literally 'Nurture' your Blog. It is important that you communicate like a Human, not as a Robot. Be empathetic and topical. Check out what is relevant to your Audience. Always answer this question 'why should a person visit your Blog. And why should this same person re-visit your Blog'. 

Encourage Interaction And Call To Action: Please Respond. Do not ignore your Audience when they Comment. From your Audience see who can be your Ambassador. See who you can connect and get them to Interact more with your Blog. 

Marketing Your Blog: Marketing is all important. There are many Free ways to Market your Blog. 

Consistency: It is critical to be consistent. Consistency by way of Topics, Post Frequency, Tone Of Voice and Brand Personality

What Options You Have To Earn: You can have Ads on your Blog, You can have Text Links, Sponsored Reviews, Put up Affiliate Links and Badges.  

Matrix To Understand Results: You need to have a good cycle of checking on the Objectives and if they are met. This will come from your Measure Parameters that you have set. This is to be done at the very beginning. When you set Objectives you need to set your Measure Parameters as well. The Measuring Parameters can be modified over time. 

Happy Blogging! 

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