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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tips For Your OnLine Resume

You will have noticed that recruiters scout on the internet to screen for possible candidates. This is the reason why you need to upload information with care. Your photos on Facebook needs to be in good taste. A photo that makes the your future recruiter hesitant to connect with you should be avoided. This goes for those photos wherein you are tagged as well.

Below are a couple of tips for your OnLine Resume:

  • Select a Social Media Platform that enables you to Network and Monitor. Upload your Resume here. Keep in mind that it needs to be such where your future employees and recruiters would be actively present. 
  • Please do not select those sites which offer great Resume Templates but no one visits the. If, incase you do go in for such Sites then see to it that the Link of this Page is put onto your active Social Media Platform. 
  • Having two to three Social Media Platform is enough. Do not go in for quantity. Instead the you need to have good quality of interaction and engagement. It is advisable to penetrate deep in few Social Media Sites rather than being all over and not having a well defined Personality. 
  • Your OnLine Resume should have Links to your OnLine Portfolio. This would include your work, achievements and recommendations given by your colleagues. 
  • Try to get recommendations. This would be good practice. Get recommendations from your peers, seniors, juniors and Clients. The recommendations should have a link to the person; this adds to the credibility. 
  • Last but not the least are your KeyWords. It is important that you use KeyWords that identify your skills, category and job. These KeyWords should be such that your future employees and future human resource personnel would use. 

Your turn. What would be your advice to have a dynamic OnLine Resume?

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