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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Earn Dividends

The aim of this Social Media Platform is not merely to enable free use for the users, but to make them feel the global community their own and thereby they will shape it as they find it appropriate. . That is why you as a Free Member could be given an Ownership Status in the form of Free Shares during the pre-organisation stage. Each member of GlobAllShare, who joins to the community during the pre-organisation stage and contributes to the global growth thereof, may get the shares continuously all gratuitously and each month will receive dividends from the Global Profit in proportion of the shares owned after this venture is launched. The Site wants to share its global profit with its users, who have contributed to the global growth and spreading during the pre-organisation period. After the venture is launched you as the ShareHolder will receive each month their dividends from 70% of the global profit in proportion of the shares owned, thus every ShareHolder will get a constant monthly earning. Additionally the ShareHolders will not merely get a monthly dividend, but may also sell their shares at face value, earning an immediate and large sum this way. You may also get your shares at  community simply during the pre-organisation stage. All you need to do is to invite your friends and acquaintances to the  website. If you have invited 5 of your friends successfully, you will get 1 Share straight away. But you may not merely get shares after inviting your own acquaintances, but after each further user invited by your friends as well, moreover after your friends' acquaintances too, because through 7 subsequent levels after each of your friends, who realizes 5 successful invitations you will also get 1 more Share. After your interests in the global community of the  you may have a continuous monthly income, since you are paid a dividend from the global profit in each month, in proportion of the number of shares you own. If you have invited 5 of your friends to the community successfully and your invited friends also invite 5 of their friends in 7 subsequent levels following you, then you may be entitled to the following dividend in each month. . You can monitor the number and value of your shares as well as the sum of your monthly dividend at the WebOffice permanently. It should be noted that the users may acquire the shares only during the term of pre-organisation in line with their performance, therefore, at the global launching of the venture only those will have shares who contributed to the development of the Site.  . After the initiation of venture not any further shares will be issued, thus shares may be purchased from those exclusively who were involved in the global establishment of the network and received shares for their contribution.  . - See more at: