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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Friday, February 21, 2014

Earn From Business Start-Up Consulting Enabler

    ​This Is About NEURS LLC Which Enables Business To Receive Financial, Marketing, Consulting Help at . This Site is a Business Start-Up Consulting  Enabler. It will provide you with advisory, educational, and financial resources through an online network at . Their mission is to empower entrepreneurs worldwide by providing the concepts, connections and capital they need to find, build and profit from their ideal business. Their goal is to become the premier online meeting point for entrepreneurs, with the largest group of aspiring entrepreneurs and business providers of any company; anywhere. ​This Site turns out to be the latest rival to LinkedIn and will soon become the most important meeting point/portal on the internet network, for entrepreneurs, and for the providers of business services and opportunities. ​​ . If you are involved in any business or are an entrepreneur ​click here ​ ​this is such a great tool to reach thousands of potential customers and partners around the world . If you are an entrepreneur and you are looking for your ideal business opportunity, will give you everything you need to start your business. Once you get invited to join , you will be shown all those business opportunities that fit your personality, goals and interests. If necessary, can also provide you access to businesses and professionals for advice and help in everything you need to do for your business and they can even facilitate access to necessary financing. 
 .How does this Site help the entrepreneur?: This is done by:​Suggesting business ideas that are ideal for them based on their Entrepreneur Profile Page at the Site. Providing access to the business education necessary to start their dream business. Offering connections to the providers that can help them build and develop their business. Providing access to a single platform that will help them access the capital they need to grow their new business. . How does this Site help the provider?: This is done by:​ .Letting them create a professional profile that entrepreneurs can easily search for in order to find them. Facilitating a platform where they can create informative online courses to attract entrepreneurs and offer them their services and business opportunities. Creating offers designed for aspiring entrepreneurs. Proactively seeking entrepreneur profiles that best fit their business, thus creating connections with people that care about their offer. Compensation system is based on an extremely simple payment plan (Affiliate Marketing) that has a high income potential without the complexity of other compensation plans. 
    Their Affiliate Marketing System: Has no promotion levels to reach or maintain. 
    Is not based on sales volumes or percentages. 
    Has no complicated rules to explain or restrictions.
    It simply… 
    Pays you for each client (entrepreneur or provider) that you directly refer to the website. 
    Pays you specific dollar amounts (not percentages) for indirect clients that are reached through your marketing efforts. 
    Gives you access to a Global Bonus Pool calculated on the total income of the Site based on the direct referrals you make to the website.
    Their Affiliate Marketing System… Their COMPENSATION PROGRAM In Fact… 
    Does not include levels to obtain and maintain. 
    No commissions based on sales volumes or percentages. 
    No complicated rules or restrictions to explain. 
    They have created some easy to use calculators to help demonstrate how it works, making it possible to explain the entire compensation system in a matter of seconds.
    Go to and Register:
    1. Once on the inside, use the REACH system to complete your first 6 invitations. Follow these simple instructions to maximize your efforts:
      1. Don't just invite them and wait for them to take action; follow up with them by phone. 
      2. Once you have completed 6 invitations they will open up 24 more possible invitations and even allow you to import and send up to 100 invitations via popular email clients like GMail, Hotmail/Live, or Yahoo! Mail etc...
    2. Once your guests have accepted the invitation, you need to follow up with them ASAP to help them send out their top 6 invitations. Why is this important?
      1. As soon as 3 of your guests have fully accepted their invitations, the VIP Room will automatically open up and you will have access to a wealth of information about this Site.
      2. As soon as 6 of your guests have fully accepted their invitations, the REACH invitation platform will open more invites slots (assuming you did not already load your contacts)and give you access to an e-book copy of the book STARTNOW! authored by Frank Codina & Dr. Denis Cauvier. A $24.95 value in Free! (There is also a way for you to get a FREE hard cover copy of the book so read all the details.)
    3. Log in each day to get an update on the progress of this marketing effort:
      1. First, check out how far your REACH is growing.
      2. Then, go into the VIP Room and look for recently added content and announcements.
    4. Remember that this pre-release time period is very limited and lots of other users are already sending out invitations to people they know worldwide. So take action today and let's see how far your REACH can go! http://PervaraKapadia.neurs.netA COMPANY CREATED BY ENTREPRENEURS......FOR ENTREPRENEURS. .
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