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About Online Earning And Lifestyle

About Online Earning And Lifestyle

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Earn From Your Cell / Mobile Phone!

Earn From Your Cell / Mobile Phone!:
  1. Click and Register in Free here . “Pass the time trying to guess the next price move [...] In return you earn points, and points mean prizes” – Financial Times Alphaville "ARMCHAIR investors can try their luck as currency traders using a new smartphone app – and win cash for correctly forecasting market price movements.” — The Sunday Times Newspaper (UK). . This is s innovating at the nexus of several major trends ... to try and change the future of investing” — Eric Mattson, CEO of Finovate. Since May 2013 they have paid over US$21,000 to players in 80 countries. To join them all you'll need to do is: 
    ① Register for a free account
    ② Make predictions to win or lose points
    ③ Collect enough points by the end of the week and earn money
    It couldn't be any simpler! The more points you have the larger your income. They even carry over 95% of your points to the next week, to help you earn week after week. That's why this Game is really the smartest thing you can do with a spare minute!
    ▶ Play whenever and wherever suits you best
    ▶ The world’s most easy to use trading interface
    ▶ Plain English tutorials to help you build your skills
    ▶ Verified track record can expand your career options From their inbox: “Your game is AWESOME ... Someone was talking about ways to earn extra money and your game came up. I decided to try it out and it wasn't long until I got hooked” — Nat Livingston. “Great game! I’ve become addicted and I am teaching myself about forex because of it.” – Beth Constantine. "Quite awesome and addicting at the same time” — Zoeb Ali. About their business model: Why do they pay you to learn to trade? Because they have figured out how to use the predictions generated by everyone, particularly their top predictors, to trade their own money for a profit. Neat, huh? You pay nothing and take no risk, while they turn your spare time into real rewards. .